6 Home Improvement Projects to Get You Through The Winter Blues

With the temperature dropping and the winter months quickly approaching, it may seem as though you’ve run out of time to work on your home. However, there are many winter home improvement projects you can easily get completed throughout the cold season. 

During the winter, many homeowners like to focus on some of the smaller details that have a noticeable impact on their house. Being trapped inside with little to do, it’s during this season that people often notice some of their home’s potential blemishes. From your floors and walls to your sinks and gutters, there are projects that don’t need to be put on hold until springtime comes. 

Replace Floors/Tiles

You might be especially aware of how cold your floor is during the winter. Whether your wood flooring is freezing your feet whenever you step on it, or your tiles are looking especially old and out-of-date, you might want to consider replacing your floor as the snow accumulates outside. Removing the tiles yourself can be difficult and potentially disastrous, so a contracting company is, more than likely, your safest bet. 

Putting in a carpet is an easy option that can give your room an entirely different look and feel. If you’re not into the carpeted look, you can always have your tile floor replaced. Maybe you think your hardwood floors need to be refinished. Whatever your flooring goal may be, the installation process should be contracted by a contracting company with the experience and expertise to assure that your job is not only completed on time and on budget but effectively. 

Add Insulation

Add Insulation Winter Home Improvement

When it starts getting cold outside, you might start to think that your indoor air quality isn’t quite what it used to be. You’ve got the heat on, but it seems as though the warmth keeps escaping through the walls, almost like a ghost. You might want to consider adding some additional insulation to your home. 

If you’re looking to go green or make your home more energy-efficient, adding insulation is a great and easy way to do so. After your new insulation is installed, an energy audit will be conducted, and you’ll likely be surprised by how drastic the results are. 

Adding insulation might not seem like the most exciting or glamorous home improvement task, but it is a consequential project that can help you save money in the long run. It’s the kind of undertaking that can be done during any month of the year, so the weather outside shouldn’t have any effect on your ability to have insulation installed. 

Upgrade Faucets/Sinks

Have you noticed that your water pressure just isn’t what it used to be? Or maybe you’ve just become bored by your sink. Well, changing either your entire sink or just your faucet is a job that you can easily have a contractor tackle this winter. 

Whether it’s your kitchen faucet or your bathroom’s, swapping our your sink is a painless process that can give your room a whole new look and feel. Since all of the work takes place indoors, there’s nothing stopping you from tackling this task this winter!

Fix Your Gutters

Gutters, Roof, Winter Home Improvement

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your gutters throughout the year, but as the winter months quickly approach, it is imperative that your gutter system is functioning properly. Having an ice dam or debris building up in your gutters can prove disastrous as the cold bears on. 

Of course, this is a task you probably won’t want to do in the middle of a blizzard, but it’s a great idea to be mindful of your gutters throughout the winter, and if there is a day when the weather is unseasonably warm, you should inspect them yourself. 

If you find that your gutters do, in fact, need work, Tandem Contracting can help you out! You might want cabling installed to melt the show. Maybe new gutter guards are all you need. Perhaps it’d be easier to have new gutters installed.

Seal Your Home

When the weather is at its coldest, you might become especially aware of any holes in your home that allow the heat to escape and the cool air to sneak in. This could be your doors, windows, chimney, or even your vents. Nothing ruins a toasty evening like a draft of chilly air, so you’ll definitely want your house sealed up. 

Sealing up any and all holes in your home is a project you can tackle this winter for which you will immediately notice drastic results. Air sealing your home will make your entire house much more cozy, so it’s a great idea to fix any air leakage problems this winter! 


Paint During the Winter, Winter Home Improvement

Few things can change the mood of a room more so than a new paint job. Certain colors can make a room seem bigger. Others can give off a more relaxed, peaceful vibe, which can directly correlate to your mood and productivity. Maybe you’re just tired of the same color and want a change. 

Painting the interior of your home is not strictly restricted to the warm months. While you’ll probably need to consider air ventilation, paint jobs can be completed throughout the winter. 


When the winter is at its coldest, it may feel as though you have no choice but to wait for spring to continue your home improvement projects. However, you can pick any/all topics from this post to complete during the winter chill. 

If you’re considering attempting a home improvement project this winter, contact Tandem Contracting or give them a call at 973-864-3100 for a quote, consultation, or additional information. 

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