Unique Features to Include in Your Basement Renovation

If you’re anything like most people, you’ve been waiting and planning for your basement renovation for years. You designed and redesigned your basement space to include all the must-haves. Maybe those designs have changed over the years, but you undoubtedly have some great ideas.

While you can include many unique features in your basement, it’s not something you want to undertake on your own. Tandem Contracting can help you complete the renovation journey the right way while keeping it “all you.” 

Let’s look at some of the best unique features you can add to your basement renovation. New Jersey homeowners, are you ready?

Making Your Basement Feel Like You

What do you plan to use your basement for? Before even speaking with a contractor, you want to have at least an idea of the purpose of your basement renovation. Will your finished basement need a wet bar or a full basement kitchen? Will you make it feel like your home with your man cave design or basement home theater for friends and family to enjoy? Maybe you need that extra basement bedroom because your kids are getting older and are ready for their own space.

Whether it’s laying out your home office just so or planning a space to rent out for extra income, making your basement feel unique and comfortable in your own special way is important. A great contractor will make your desires and needs the most important priority throughout the project. After all, you will be the one using it!

What Are Some Features You Can Include?

You can add so many fun things to your basement remodeling project. You may even want to add a way to allow more natural light into the basement. If you are building a home, you may want to consider extending the height of your basement ceilings to bring in more natural light but also to increase the feeling of extra space. It can be a big selling point, too. 

In fact, having a finished basement, in general, is a feature that pushes many buyers over the top when considering purchasing your home. As a result, your return on investment can be great, up to 75%!

When planning your basement renovation, New Jersey homeowners should think about adding features like a wine cellar, added living space, a theater room or game room, and more. Then, the sky’s the limit. Well, maybe the ceiling’s the limit.

Unique Design Choices For Your Next Basement Renovation Project

Unfinished basements give you a blank slate to start on, ready for brainstorming. The number of design choices is endless. Bold design features you may not feel comfortable making in your main living area can be amazing in a basement. Show off your style and taste with a plan unique to you. There are no wrong answers here.

You can create usable, practical, or even impractical home remodeling selections by adding things like:

Functional Spaces

Who doesn’t want extra functional space for your family to use? Imagine having an extra family room to send your kids and their friends to while you and your friends enjoy your own space. Sounds nice, right? 

Maybe a home office or craft room would be convenient to have downstairs and out of the way. There are many ways to make even small spaces functional for you and your family.

A Place to Play for Kids or Adults

A home gym for mom and dad can be a retreat and space to motivate you to work out. Of course, there’s always the idea of a playroom for the kids too. You really can’t go wrong with either of these choices!

Your Own Home Bar or Wine Cellar

Show off your wine collection to your friends or watch the big game with your home bar nearby. You might find yourself celebrating more often!

A Home Sauna

A sauna to keep all to yourself sounds terrific. Think about warming up those muscles after a long day of snow skiing in the mountains. Yes, please!

Ready to Make Your Unique Basement Renovation Dreams a Reality?

Tandem Contracting is your basement renovation dream team in New Jersey. Maybe you’ve talked to your neighbor or friend about how they saved so much money by doing their basement renovation in New Jersey on their own. The problem is that you can usually tell they did it themselves, whether now or later when issues arise from less than stellar work.

The contractors at Tandem Contracting have the experience and skills that enable us to create quality, unique features in your basement remodel or other renovation projects. Then, we finish the job by getting the required permits and inspections done so you can be confident in the work you paid for and the space in which your family spends time. 

Contact us today to find out more about how we can make your home and basement fantasies a reality.

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