Why You Should Renovate Your Unfinished Basement

The basement of a home is often unused real estate. By finishing your basement, you give it a purpose. Maybe you want it to be a place for entertainment. Or, possibly, you need more space for other rooms that have utility. Below are some reasons why you should renovate your unfinished basement.

Great Space for Creating New Rooms

The process of finishing a basement includes deciding how to utilize the space. If your home is lacking a certain room, then a renovation can help expand your home’s utility. Basements are often the largest room in your home. Using your basement only for storage is wasted space. There are many kinds of spaces that you can install in your basement. Below are a few of the most useful and popular rooms that you can install in your basement in order to maximize its space and improve your family’s lifestyle.

A Home Gym

As the American workforce becomes more sedentary, finding ways to stay active is vitally important to your health. However, even simple gym equipment can quickly take up space in a traditional main floor room. Installing a small personal gym in your basement will allow you and your family to stay fit and healthy. A home gym can have all of the amenities that major fitness centers offer, except it is far more convenient and it will be more affordable for your family. You can install wall-mounted TVs, comfortable flooring, and even a handful of cardio machines. Wiring a home gym in the basement is very easy for electricians, due to the nature of a basement’s design. Be sure to include good air conditioning systems so that you can work out comfortably. A home gym is a judgement-free and convenient place to build a workout routine and take care of yourself.

A Guest Room

If your family frequently has friends and family that visit, then installing a guest bedroom will help make their stay in your home more comfortable. Not only will adding another bedroom to your home increase its value, but also the room will be useful for inviting friends and family to visit your home. Installing carpet and refurbishing the walls will quickly make your basement guest room feel just as welcoming as the rest of your home. Working with a contractor is very important, however, because there are certain rules regarding living spaces located below a home’s main floor. A basement bedroom is a simple investment with a large return.

An Additional Bathroom

A basement bathroom can be useful no matter how you choose to use your basement. If you plan to install a home gym, having a bathroom in your basement will make your work out experience more comfortable. A small corner shower will make your post-workout clean up far easier than having to trudge up flights of stairs. If you choose to install a guest room, then installing a bathroom in your basement will help your guests feel more welcome. A basement bathroom will be particularly useful if you use your basement as an entertainment space. Guests would no longer need to hike up

and down stairs in order to relieve themselves. When friends and family visit, you can never have enough bathrooms.

A Second Garage

Garages can be used for a variety of purposes: they can be used as a practice space for musicians; they can become a workshop for the family handyman; or, they can store seasonal belongings or extra furniture. If your garage is too cluttered and disorganized, then you can redesign your basement to accommodate the belongings that your garage cannot fit. Installing faux-hardwood floors – such as laminate or vinyl – can make your basement still feel like a comfortable workspace. During the renovation process, you can install additional storage containers in order to maximize your basement’s space. If someone in your family is a musician, then you can also install foam board on the walls in order to dampen the sound. However you choose to use your garage, by moving those activities or belongings into your basement, you free up garage space while also giving your basement renewed purpose.

A Finished Basement Encourages Organization

If you already use your basement for storage, then chances are that the space is in disarray. By finishing your basement, you are doing more than simply making the space look better. You will need to organize all of your belongings prior to a renovation. The renovation process allows your family to determine which belongings are necessary to keep and which can be discarded. Additionally, once the renovation is complete, you can install proper storage units, such as bookshelves or filing cabinets, which can make it easier to declutter your belongings. Also, improving the moisture control in your basement can protect your belongings from becoming damaged or weathered. An organized storage system will make traversing your basement far easier.

Adds Value to Your Home

A finished basement can be a very lucrative investment for your home’s future. It is likely that you are not planning on moving out of your home any time soon; however, a renovated basement is a long-term investment that can be very beneficial should you choose to move away. There are numerous factors that determine your home’s worth, but a basement renovation can certainly add value to your home. If you build additional rooms in your basement, such as a bedroom or bathroom, you are further increasing its resale value. The state of a basement can be the deciding factor for many potential buyers. Ask yourself this question: when you shopped for a home in the past, how did you feel about unfinished rooms? A renovated basement can be the final selling point in closing a sale on your home in the future. A basement renovation is more than an investment in adding utility to your home: you are also adding value to your home.

Good for the Health of Your Home

Unfinished basements can have moisture problems. Excess moisture is often caused by ground water or rain seeping into your basement. External humidity can also cause undesired moisture to develop over time. For families that use their basement for storage, this can be very damaging to your belongings. Unfinished basements can also promote mold growth due to the proliferation of moisture. If anyone in your family is allergic to mold, then addressing the moisture problem in your basement through renovations will cause their allergy symptoms to reduce dramatically. You will also want to consider installing a dehumidifier if you do not already have one. It will be far easier to do this during a renovation project, since you can include the dehumidifier’s location in your redesign plans. Basement renovations can improve moisture control which will make it healthier to spend time down there.

Renovations Can Save Energy and Money

In the summer, many families keep their home cool by running their air conditioning throughout the day. While an unfinished basement can be cooler than the rest of the home, it is potentially wasting energy. Unfinished basements often lack insulation. Proper insulation can prevent air from leaking excessively. Additionally, during a renovation, you can install energy-efficient windows. These will also help prevent air from getting outside or inside your home. By finishing your basement, you can improve your basement’s energy use. This, in turn, will make your energy bills more manageable. A finished basement will improve air circulation. This will make your basement a far more pleasant place to spend your summers.

Safer for Your Family

Many homeowners fail to consider the following question: how many exists exist in your basement? Often times, there is only one exit. While stairs leading to your home’s main level are convenient for day-to-day life, in the event that there is a fire or flood in your basement, your family will need a quick escape route. Finishing your basement allows you to install additional exits. Common fire exits come in the form of windows or doors. Modern construction rules and regulations require basements to have direct access to the outside of your home; however, older homes may not have proper or convenient fire exits. While few people enjoy planning for emergency situations, it never hurts to be prepared. If you are planning to build a guest room in your basement, then there are additional construction requirements that your home will need to meet. Work with your contractor to determine your city’s zoning laws. A basement renovation can ensure that your basement is safe for your family and your guests.

Remember that a basement renovation is not a project to complete by yourself. There are many regulations that you will need to follow in order to properly renovate your basement. Rather than risk being responsible for fines or additional changes, make sure that you work with professionals who can help you achieve your dream basement while also keeping everything safe and up to code. An unfinished basement is wasted space. Turn your basement into a comfortable place of utility. Invest in your family’s health, safety, and future by finishing your basement.

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