Why Bathroom Renovation Isn’t a DIY Project

If you’ve turned on the TV in the last couple of years, you’ve most likely seen many DIY shows to choose from. You have kitchen, backyard, bedroom, and even bathroom renovation television programs to watch. They all make you feel like you could conquer all your home renovations in a weekend. 

Your bathroom is the smallest room in the house, so why wouldn’t you be able to complete a bathroom remodel all on your own? After all, who knows more about your dream bathroom remodel ideas than you? 

Is a bathroom renovation really a good DIY project for you to take on, though? There are all kinds of things to consider when undergoing a renovation of even one of your small bathrooms, which makes it a difficult undertaking to try your hand at bathroom renovation. NJ homeowners should consider the reasons why experts say that a bathroom renovation is not a DIY project you should consider.

Functionality Is a Must

If you don’t know the ins and outs of how your bathroom functions, you can get in over your head fast during a remodel. What plumbing experience do you have? How about electrical work? Do you know how to make sure that water doesn’t leak into places it shouldn’t over time? 

A professional renovation company will have plumbers at their disposal for any updates, repairs, or dilemmas that might come up. At the very least, think about hiring a professional plumber to install a new toilet, move bathroom vanities and sinks, add that soaking tub, or update your walk-in shower– it will be worth the extra money to get it done right.

Stay Safe

Safety during any kind of renovation is paramount. You might think you have it all handled, but many tools and equipment will be used while you work that can be very dangerous if not used properly. There are also heavy-duty aspects of a remodel that don’t just include paint and other pretty things.

Electrical work, for instance, can be a risky undertaking if you don’t know what you’re doing. So this is a top priority to get right, especially in a bathroom situation. Additionally, electric wires must be situated a certain amount away from water sources per code and safety protocols. Do you know those requirements? 

An accident can happen during construction or after it is completed. Maybe your electrical work is faulty and becomes a fire risk because it hasn’t been finished correctly. There are all kinds of small details to know about keeping you and others safe during and after a reno. Trust an experienced contractor who has the knowledge, insurance, and training to always keep things safe in your bathroom remodeling project.

Cost Savings

When updating your primary bathroom or undertaking other kitchen and bath remodeling projects, everyone always starts their DIY project by insisting that they will be saving themselves hundreds or thousands of dollars by avoiding a contractor. These cost savings are accomplished primarily by saving on labor costs by completing all the work independently.

In the end, you may save quite a bit of money redoing a bathroom yourself, as long as it’s a purely cosmetic makeover. Changing the paint color, swapping out artwork, and even altering your flooring choices can be a DIY project that you can take on with some expert advice and lots of YouTube “how-to” viewing. 

It is time to call a professional when you decide to make your restroom more like one of the modern bathrooms you see in the home decorating magazines – with double vanity, pendant lights, and new floor tile included. Don’t waste your money by trying and retrying to do an extensive project like this on your own. There’s a reason why contractors exist. They know what they’re doing and have the resources to get it done right the first time.

Keep Your Weekends

If you’ve ever tried to do even the most minor DIY project, you know that it almost always takes more time than you planned or ever imagined it could take. Using all your nights after you get off work and then all your weekends to make your bathroom remodel ideas a reality gets old fast. It’s frustrating to try to get a project done that may have begun as something new and fun to try but is now taking all your time and money to complete.

Once you hire an expert bathroom reno professional, you’ll wonder why you ever thought you could complete your bath remodeling project on your own. As you see your new bathroom taking shape while you’re at work or enjoying your kid’s baseball game, you’ll know that hiring trained experts were the right thing to do for several reasons, including saving your precious time for more important things.

Call on the Experts for Your Bathroom Remodel

Tandem Contracting is the expert you’ve been dreaming of working with for your bathroom remodeling. NJ homeowners know that whether you’re planning to reno one of your small bathrooms or your large master bath, Tandem Contracting has the skills, expertise, and resources to take your bathroom remodel ideas to the next level.

Complete your bathroom remodeling project the right way so that it functions correctly for years to come. Our goal is to keep your family safe and save you time and money. We know how important a high-quality, beautiful bathroom will improve your home value and improve your family’s lives each day.

We encourage you to check out our work. Talk to those who have used our team for a bathroom remodeling project or other reno and learn more about their experience. We are confident you will see the quality, caring work we do. Your bathroom is unique, and we look forward to tailoring our approach to your needs, all while including your fantastic bathroom remodel ideas at the same time. So give us a call today.

We look forward to working with you!

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