What to Know Before Renovating Your Bathroom

If you’ve been thinking about finally starting that bathroom remodel, you’ve probably been looking at all kinds of pictures, considering the style your dream bathroom will include and more. But there are so many bathroom remodel ideas to contemplate and take into account. Where do you even start? 

You’ve also probably been talking to friends and other people you know who have recently experienced a bathroom remodeling project in their NJ home. What are you getting yourself into? How much is this really going to cost in the end? When beginning a master bathroom reno (or even a renovation of one of your small bathrooms), there’s a lot to know and a lot to get acquainted with. So let’s take a deeper dive into the top things you should know before renovating your bathroom.

Think About the Future

It’s a good idea to think about your needs for the present and the future when putting together plans for your new bathroom. For example, if you are nearing the “golden years” or have a disability of any kind, think about how you can plan for some assistance in the way of grab bars, open walk-in showers without steps, handheld showerheads, and more. 

There are all kinds of things that can be added to help you out. Talk to your contractor about your concerns and take the time to do your own homework about up-and-coming innovations that will make your life easier now and later on.

Storage, Storage, Storage

While it’s fun to dream about your bathroom remodel ideas and obsess about amazing things like a new double vanity, soaking tub, freshly painted white walls, and amazing light fixtures, do yourself a favor and DO NOT forget about including plenty of storage.

Cabinets for storage are almost always a necessity, even in the most modern bathrooms. There are also other fun ways to create storage space, such as adding recessed cubbies to store items in the shower or one near the sink in the form of a medicine cabinet. You’ll be so glad that you incorporated additional storage into your space!

Know the Costs

Before you start ripping out those bathroom cabinets and old flooring tile, it’s a good idea to do your homework, obtain a few bids, and really map out what your bath remodeling desires will cost you. 

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t go through with a reno. Just know where your limits are. For example, maybe the floating vanity you were thinking about can be replaced with one of the beautiful bathroom vanities you’ve seen on sale at your local shopping center instead. Just keep yourself and your remodeling ideas in check so that you don’t get a big surprise at the end that you can’t afford.

Be Aware of the Time It Will Take

You may be so perfectly organized that you truly believe you know exactly how long this bathroom overhaul is going to take. But there are always surprises that come along. . 

Even the simplest bathroom facelifts can become a scheduling nightmare. Be aware of this and have a backup plan. Don’t schedule your reno while you have guests staying with you unless you have more than one to share. Know your family’s limits and how you can compensate for the loss of a bathroom for longer than you think or desire.

A professional contractor will be able to clue you in on the length of time it will most likely take for your bathroom reno, but once again, plan for the unexpected.

Understand the Size of Your Bathroom and What Will Fit 

There’s nothing worse than getting part of the way through your NJ home’s bathroom remodeling project with materials on hand and realizing you don’t have the room for something you’ve already purchased and really wanted to include in your new space. 

Know your bathroom size, and be sure to account for things that still need to be placed (like drywall, plumbing, and light fixtures). Also, be conscious of the lighting, the dimensions of the vanity, and even how your faucets and other finishes will need to be installed. 

All these little details are things that expert bathroom renovators know all about. Many people don’t realize all that goes into a remodel, especially a kitchen and bath renovation. Tandem Contracting is experienced in these types of remodels and knows where special attention needs to be given and how things will fit into your new bathroom. Leaving all these worries to the specialists will be one of the best decisions you will make.

Think About Some Luxuries While the Time Is Right

Are you at the point in your life where waking up and walking onto warm floor tiles is a must-have? What about a towel warmer? Have you ever experienced a warmed towel after you get out of the shower? If there’s room, add a small bench in your bathroom or closet space to give yourself a place to sit and put your shoes on. What about that glam lighting you’ve always wanted so that you can see better to do your hair and makeup? 

While some of these things seem excessive, it’s essential to think about your wants and not just your needs when you are listing out your bathroom remodel ideas. Now is the time to add some of those wants in a much easier and cost-effective way, while everything is ripped up and you’re starting new.

Call on the Experts for Your Bathroom Remodel

Tandem Contracting knows all the tips and tricks, as well as the right way to get your bathroom remodel completed. Beautiful, quality, customized finishes that will last for years to come are our greatest desire for you. Through hard work, passion for our craft, and a commitment to our customers, we make dreams come true and improve the lives of those we work with.

Perhaps you are ready to take the next step and learn more about how Tandem Contracting, our bathroom remodeling NJ experts, can help transform your bathroom space into the oasis you’ve always wanted. Then contact our team for more information.


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