Expectations for a Kitchen Renovation: Tips from the Experts

If this is your first time renovating a major part of the house, then you may be nervous about the project because you are unsure of what to expect. What will the cost be? How long are they going to take? Between the nervousness of the cost, plus the excitement of your dream becoming a reality, these are all normal questions to ask yourself before a kitchen renovation.


Don’t worry at all, we’re here to help you get through this. Knowing what to expect can help you alleviate some of the stresses you may be feeling, which is why we are providing you some tips of what to expect so you can go into the project with a stress-free mind.


1. Dust

Even with zipwalls installed, there is still a good chance that a layer of dust can form outside of the construction zone. Whether you are breaking down walls, taking apart cabinets or removing tile, it can produce hazardous particles that could be dangerous to you and your family. While a professional contractor will take you through the steps in order to try and minimize this from happening, there are also things you can do yourself to prevent any dust from getting to other parts of your house.


First of all, you want to try and remove everything you possibly can from the kitchen area. For the things that you cannot move, cover it with plastic so that dust and debris won’t get into the cracks. Putting up plastic and a temporary compression wall will help a lot with trying to keep the rest of the house safe from anything harmful. Try not to use the furnace or air conditioning so that they won’t pull dust from the kitchen area to other areas in the house.


2. Noise

It’s pretty obvious that there’s going to be noise during a major project, but many don’t realize how consistent it is without much pause or interruption. Whether it’s a saw or a sander, the noise is going to be prevalent for much of the day for however long the project takes.

If you work from home, have small children or nap throughout the day, it’s best to try and find a spot far from the construction site, even somewhere off the premise, while the project is going on. If there is a book that you were looking forward to reading, this probably isn’t the best time for you to do so.


Just remember, it’s only temporary, so try and manage the best you can with the resources available. In the end, you’ll have a brand-new kitchen to show off to your family and friends.


3. The Time the Project Takes

Everyone watches those home remodeling shows on television and thinks that these projects are quick, easy and painless. While they don’t last forever, these projects do take a considerable amount of time because of the work your contractor is being asked to do. A kitchen remodel is no joke, and to ensure that things get done right, it’s essential that the workers have enough time to do what they have to do. You took a lot of time deciding what you wanted your dream kitchen to be, now let them make it happen for you.


4. The Highs and Lows

Face it, there are certain things about your kitchen that you truly dislike. It’s human nature and it’s fine to admit that you don’t like certain things. There is no better feeling than watching the ugly cabinetry or hideous countertops get taken down and replaced with new ones you picked yourself. There’s nothing better throughout the process than watching your dream kitchen get built, especially when it’s finished and everything is back to normal again.


Even though there are so many great moments during the project, there are also some low points that you should be made aware of. After a few days, the working around the project and having to change your daily routine does get tiresome. We all want the project to be finished as soon as possible, and when it takes longer than expected, it gets frustrating. You may find it annoying that you have tons of people coming through your house every single day. It’s also not easy to write all of those checks, either. We’ve all been there, but remember, they’re taking as much time as they need to ensure that your kitchen is everything you want it to be and more.


5. The Things You Don’t Expect

This won’t happen during every single project, so don’t worry that you’re going to be facing any extra hardships than you already are. There are certain instances when walls are taken down that asbestos arises, or workers get sick and materials get put on back order. The project may be 99 percent complete, but those last two tiles needed to finish the walls may arrive broken, or the light fixture ordered could come shattered.


Funny surprises like this happen, so it’s important to allocate some extra funds just in case things need to be rewired, plumbing needs to be fixed or asbestos needs to be removed. It’s also important to allocate extra patience to ensure that you and your contractor don’t butt heads during the process.


Also, remember that workers are human beings. If they get sick or materials don’t show up when they’re supposed to, try and remain calm and realize that these things happen. No project is 100 percent perfect, so if you expect the unexpected and try and plan for it, you won’t be as blindsided when something wacky happens.


6. Money Concerns

There are probably hundreds of questions that you are going to have to answer throughout the process of remodeling your kitchen.  One of them is, “Do I have enough for the whole project?” It’s a completely understandable reaction, and it’s totally normal to get anxious as the process goes on. A change order may happen, which is where work is either added to or deleted from the original scope of the project. Depending on how serious the change is, it can alter the price of the job and the completion date.


How do you avoid this? When you get the quote, make sure that you have 10, maybe 20 percent extra just in case costs increase. Having the extra money will make you worry less because you have a security blanket just in case things cost a bit more than you expected.


7. A Brand New, Beautiful Kitchen

Now that you’ve spent the last few weeks tearing your hair out because you’re anxious about your kitchen remodeling, it’s time to rejoice and enjoy the new, beautiful space in your home that you’ve dreamt about having for so long. Invite a few friends over, throw a party and show off that brand-new kitchen!

Hopefully, the tips provided will help your kitchen remodeling be a smooth, painless one. It’s important to remember that even though you may feel prepared and ready for a big project like this, you still have to hire the right contractor to get the job done. Bringing in experienced, skilled professionals like the ones at Tandem Contracting helps ensure that the job gets done right. If you’re ready to give your kitchen enhancement, give us a call at 973-864-3100 or fill out our online contact form to tell us about your project.

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