What to Consider Before Your Kitchen Renovation

You want a beautiful kitchen renovation in your NJ home. You want it so bad you can taste it. It’s all you can think about every time you walk into your old, dingy kitchen. But are you really ready for it? Do you really know what it’s going to take? 

There are some valuable things to consider before beginning any of your kitchen remodeling projects. Some you may have already thought about, and some may be new ideas. Let’s take a look.

Know the Reason for Your Renovation and Make Sure to Address It

Before you talk to a professional contractor or designer, before you put any money into a kitchen remodeling project, make sure you know the “why” for your reno. Knowing the “why” will help you focus on the most important things that you need to address when overhauling your kitchen.

Could it be because you have an old kitchen that is out of style, and you’re looking to improve it to increase your home’s value for selling? Is your current kitchen just not functional or working for your family very well? Are there things that are unsafe or broken? Maybe you simply want to upgrade things because you and your family are in your kitchen so much, entertaining and enjoying each other. Whatever the reason, figure it out and “keep your eye on the prize.” 

Do You Really Need a Full Kitchen Renovation?

Often, homeowners believe they need a full renovation when they only need to “spruce” up a few things. A couple of coats of paint on the kitchen cabinets, new hardware, and a new kitchen faucet can make all the difference and save you thousands of dollars while still giving you most of the results you want.

If your kitchen does need a complete overhaul, look at your layout and if it will still function well for you and your family. If you think it will, and you don’t have to move any kind of electrical or plumbing, you will save quite a bit of cash as well as the time that it would take to move it all.

If the current floor plan of your kitchen won’t work with your dream kitchen designs, a full kitchen renovation will be your best bet. Discuss any concerns with your remodeling contractor to get answers about your specific kitchen needs.

Budget for Everything and More

Working out a budget and listing items one by one with their cost will be highly beneficial to you as you decide to embark on a kitchen renovation, as well as during the kitchen remodeling process itself. It can help remind you where you are in your spending if something comes up or if changes need to be made. Your contractor will be able to help with this immensely. Make sure to communicate with them that you want to be informed about any changes, especially if they affect your budget.

Always, always plan for the worst and hope for the best. Almost all renovations have unexpected costs that come up. Planning for this and leaving room in your budget will give you peace of mind and something to fall back on if needed.

Don’t Forget the Storage Space

“I have too much storage,” said no one ever. One of the most vital things to remember in a kitchen and bath remodel is to make storage a priority. If you have had to put up with less than adequate storage space, you’re probably already thinking about the storage that you want to add to your layout.

Open shelving can be beautiful and a lot of fun to add to your new kitchen. Just make sure you are not giving up needed storage space for something that will just be showing off conversation pieces. Investigate the kinds of storage that you can work into your kitchen cabinets. Storage is another detail that your contractor or designer can quickly work into your new layout or even into your existing kitchen and bathroom.

Learn About Maintenance

Many different materials will be used in your kitchen remodeling. They will each require specific maintenance and differing lengths of time to install. Learning about the care that will be required for certain materials will most likely influence your design and installation choices. 

Tile flooring or backsplash, for instance, will need to be sealed from time to time to prevent water from leaking through with wear and tear. Natural stone will also have to be resealed every so often. If liquids spill on natural stone or hardwood, they will need to be cleaned quickly to avoid staining or other damage.

Learning about the unique maintenance requirements for the different finishes you choose in your kitchen remodeling will be extremely helpful now and in the future. If you’re not willing to be vigilant about spills or don’t want to bother with resealing tile, it may not be for you.

Check Out Those Appliances!

Appliances are some of the most expensive items you will add to your new kitchen. While they are exciting, with their easy-to-clean stainless-steel exterior and energy-efficient design, failing to measure and re-measure your new appliance’s height, width, and depth will cause all kinds of issues. 

Things like venting will also need to be considered. Therefore, it is usually so much easier to simply let your contractor know what appliances you would like and then allow them to purchase them and install them as part of their build.

Contact Trusted Contractors

A kitchen renovation can sound dreamy, but you may need some assistance getting everything in check. Tandem Contracting specializes in helping you take the practical and functional parts of a remodel that you need and then make them unique and custom to you and your family. 

We offer our award-winning, full-service kitchen renovation knowledge and skills to our amazing NJ customers, knowing they will feel like family in the end. We love working as a team with our clients and look forward to making you part of it. Contact Tandem Contracting for a free estimate on a newly renovated kitchen for you.

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