Reallocating Your Vacation Budget to Home Improvements

For those who had steady work through the pandemic, you may have saved money in your usual vacation budget. Traveling has been widely eliminated in the last year, especially if it was for pleasure. Does that mean you worked through your vacation time? You may deserve a staycation break. It might be a good idea to invest in the space you’re spending all of your time and embark on a home upgrade to make your home feel like a vacation getaway.

The Pandemic’s Impact on Vacations

Over a year ago, we were instructed to stay at home to stop the spread of Covid-19. As we have changed our lives to do many of our day-to-day work and play from our homes, it has become apparent that those homes may need some upgrading. 

When you spend more time in your home, the small things that were bothersome before become a big issue. Why not use the money in your 2020 vacation budget for home improvement projects? 

Why You Should Update Your Home

We are all spending at least twice as much time in our homes compared to early 2020. And it doesn’t seem like the work from home trend is going anywhere – many companies found cost benefits and increased production when their employees switched to remote work. 

If you are going to be spending a lot of time at home, even as the pandemic winds down, you better be comfortable in that space. Here are some valid points for updating your home: 

Increase Functionality

Renovations and home improvement projects have been widely popular in the past year. The most common reason for a home upgrade has been to add a functional room or make a current space more efficient. This may include:

  • Adding an office
  • Building a home gym
  • Expanding a kitchen to make it more open with more seating
  • Installing built-in desks to a common workspace for homeschool
  • Creating a home theater experience
  • Upgrading the backyard features to make your private outdoor space more enjoyable

A lot of these upgrades will create more functional space in the home to accommodate the increased number of people spending their time there. You can now go to the movies in your own home. You can gather in your backyard for an outdoor dinner under twinkle lights followed by s’mores at the fire pit. Part of adding function to your home is adding fun events that you can do inside your own home. 

Customize Your Home

Home improvement projects can be specific to your needs. Maybe you need to add a barn door feature to your playroom to close it off as a workspace during the day and open it up on weekends. Soundproofing your home office is a popular customization to be able to join virtual calls without piano lessons blaring through the background. 

Improve Comfort

Another reason for a home upgrade is to improve comfort. Changing up the esthetic of your home and updating it to be light and modern can really impact your mood. New countertops in the kitchen or something as simple as new bedding can absolutely boost morale during a challenging year. 

Kitchen remodels are popular home upgrades that increase comfort. If you are spending all of your meals in the kitchen and the cold tile floor or flow of the space adds discomfort to your life, then change it. If the paint in your master bedroom hasn’t ever been your favorite, upgrade to a soothing gray or add an accent wall to make it more inviting. There are so many ways a home improvement project can revitalize your home. 

Ways to Reallocate Your Vacation Budget

While your vacation budget is initially set aside to create experiences and memories, now you can reallocate that same money to create experiences long-term in your house. Remodel your bathroom with the luxury upgrades you only find on vacation. Create a backyard oasis that you can utilize for years to come. 

The best part about putting money into a home upgrade is that you will get a return on investment. Every home improvement that you make increases your home’s value. When was the last time you got a return on investment from your trip to Disneyland? 

Finish Your Basement

One of the pandemic’s natural consequences has been the need for more space in your home as people are working from home, schooling from home, exercising from home, etc. A great way to expand your home space without having to move is to finish your basement

You can use general contractors to help you design a basement that could double the size of your home! Adding a couple of bedrooms, a bathroom, and a great room have huge benefits. Imagine if you could have a home gym, office, and theater all added to your home without having to move. 

Some other basement ideas include: 

  • Storage room
  • Second kitchen
  • Mother-in-law apartment
  • Game room
  • Wine cellar
  • Bar

You can add function and comfort to your home by finishing your basement. What is stopping you from making those changes? A basement home upgrade certainly beats finding a new home with everything you need in this competitive market. 

Remodel Your Bathroom

A pretty standard remodeling project will include an owner’s suite bathroom remodel. A bonus to updating your bathroom is getting that vacation feeling every time you step into the space. You can add a free-standing soaking tub, luxury tile, and a rainwater shower. Give yourself the gift of escape inside your own home by reallocating your vacation budget.

Other trendy bathroom upgrades include: 

  • Light wood cabinets
  • Granite countertops
  • Modern lighting fixtures 
  • Opening up natural light
  • Double wide showers
  • Open-entry showers
  • Luxury vanity lighting
  • Fancy toilets
  • Fashionable faucet fixtures
  • Wood-tile flooring

You may even choose a few minor remodeling aspects in a bathroom to give it a refresh, like changing out all the lighting. When you keep your initial goal in mind – what motivated you to start the home improvement project, then you can fill in the other details along the way to create the bathroom of your dreams. 

Build a Deck or Patio

A great way to safely gather during the pandemic is outdoors. You can use your own backyard as a private gathering space to meet up with friends and family. But is your backyard suitable for hosting parties? Revamp your backyard by adding a deck and some patio furniture in the shade. What other home improvements can you make in your backyard? 

  • Outdoor Kitchen: You don’t have to go all out with a pizza oven and stove out in the backyard. But maybe a bar set up with a sink and mini-fridge by the grill would be enough to upgrade your backyard space. 
  • Covered Patio: Don’t hesitate any longer on making your back patio usable during the hotter months. A covered patio provides shade throughout the whole day, making afternoon lemonade and cookies bearable when it’s 90 degrees out. 
  • Fire Pit: This easy home upgrade is an excellent addition for entertainers. You can roast marshmallows or sit outside around the fire on a brisk evening. 
  • Garden: Building a garden with a walkway and twinkle lights is a functional addition to your backyard space, giving you something to tend and care for. 
  • Curb Appeal: In the front of your home, add a porch swing and some planted flowers for a zing of curb appeal. Take pride in your home and feel happy with what you have created every time you turn into your driveway. 

There are many ways that you can make your outdoor living space an extension of your home. If your home is feeling too small during the pandemic, expand your square footage by utilizing the outdoor space. Your house won’t feel so small anymore when your teenagers are studying out on the back porch or your little ones are moving their playtime outside. 

Professional Home Improvement Services in NJ

At Tandem Contracting, you can rest assured knowing that you are teaming up with professionals with an excellent reputation in the contracting business. If you are looking for home improvement ideas specific to your needs, contact our team today to get advice. Now is the time to reallocate that vacation budget to the home improvement project of your dreams. Our experts know what is popular in the industry and what home upgrades will give you the best return on investment when it comes time to sell. 

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