Updating Your Old Shed

There are garden sheds, storage sheds, car sheds, she-sheds and even lean-tos. No matter what type of shed you have, there will come a time when it needs updating.

This is not a task to undertake lightly. You can’t simply slap on some more paint or add a window and call it a day. There is much to consider. When updating your old shed, it’s important to know your options, ask the right questions and get the most from any improvements you make.

Options for updating your old shed

Add additional features

Simple elements such as an awning on the outside or shelving on the inside can do wonders for giving an old shed a new facelift. It’s almost like adding square footage because you have more storage options, but for a lot less money. Exterior lights, a new door or a small stone patio in front are just a few other ideas for ways that small changes can have a big impact for your shed.

Landscape the heck out of it

When updating your shed, don’t forget about the land and space around it. A few well-placed bushes or planters can add beauty or also camouflage unsightly features that you don’t like.

Don’t just paint it, paint it right

Just going with the least expensive paint on the store shelves will do nothing to spruce up that old shed. First of all, you will find that it needs repainting sooner rather than later. Also, the wrong paint color can make your shed more of a detriment than an improvement for your yard. You have many choices when it comes to painting your shed. One of the most popular options is to match the paint on your house. You can also go bold with red and white to make it look like a funky little barn. In addition, when thinking about paint, don’t forget the inside, especially if you are transforming the space into something cozy.

Add electricity

If you really want to turn that old shed into something special, running electricity through it will help. This will greatly expand your options. For example, you can open up your storage opportunities for items like a freezer or rechargeable power tools. With electricity, you can convert your shed into almost anything your imagination can dream up. You can build a man cave/she shed, make an extra bedroom, or get the band back together for some jam sessions. The possibilities are literally endless. Just be sure to bring in the professionals to prevent any fires or other accidents.

Make a playroom or teen space

Tired of stepping on your kids’ toys? (If you’ve ever stepped on a LEGO with bare feet, it’s certain that you are). This doesn’t even begin to address the noise that comes with a full, busy household. You could craft an escape from the kids for yourself, but you may want to send them outside instead. Making a separate place for the youngsters is a terrific way to give them their own taste of freedom while still keeping them close. You may find that it will give their imaginations a boost as well.

What to consider before updating your old shed

Make sure it fits yard equipment – it makes no sense to redo your shed and then discover that your lawnmower doesn’t fit anymore. Know which items you want to store and then be certain that there is enough room for everything. However, you also want to be sure that your updating project does not make your shed so big that it overwhelms the house.

Know your budget – you can’t turn your shed into the Taj Mahal with a straw hut budget. It’s best to first decide what you can afford and then plan your updates within your financial resources. This will help to prevent overspending and disappointments.

Decide exactly what you need – why are you really unhappy with your old shed? Is it in disrepair? Does it make a whistling sound every time the wind blows? Sometimes, updating may require fixing. Or maybe your shed just needs to be moved to a different location in your yard. Something like adding a different kind of roof or planting flowers around the base might be all you need to fall in love with your shed again.

Do your homework – once you know what the shed will be used for, you will need to determine the best style of shed to match your needs. In addition, find out if your community or town has any restrictions or rules governing the size or locations of other property structures. The last thing you want is to construct the shed of your dreams only to be told it must come down because you violated some zoning law. There could also be regulations regarding how the shed can be used or guidelines on what materials are allowed. You may also need to decide whether your ideas can be done as a DIY project or if you will require the services of a high quality contractor.

Little things can add up to huge choices – factors such as the materials you select, topography of the ground you are building upon and different foundations to choose from can make or break your project. You will need to consider things like water drainage and the climate where you live to ensure all updates will stand the test of time.

Will it add to or decrease the value of your home – if you are or will be selling your home, you know that the first impression for the exterior of the home is often the deciding factor. Storage space is typically a close second. Having a functioning, well-maintained shed could seal the deal. On the other hand, if your shed looks like an eyesore or is mismatched from the rest of the property, it could send potential buyers running.

How to hire a qualified contractor – to make sure the job is done right and avoid headaches, it’s wise to find a reliable contractor to handle it. They will have knowledge about rules and regulations and offer warranties on the work. If you are considering updating your old shed, give Tandem Contracting a call.

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