Why you should update the windows and exterior doors of your home

Do you ever find yourself looking out your windows or doors and wishing you were somewhere else? The problem might not be wanderlust. It could simply be that you are tired of those same old windows and exterior doors of your home. This is just one reason why they may need to be updated.

Your windows and exterior doors are a reflection of your home and lifestyle. Make sure they are saying what you want by choosing the right ones. If you need to update them, now is the best time.

5 Reasons why your windows and exterior doors may need updating

  1. Energy efficiency

Leaky doors and windows can significantly contribute to energy loss in your home. This is especially true for homes that are old or poorly insulated. Even skylights can be culprits. Replacing old windows and doors with more energy efficient models could greatly reduce your energy bills, often by up to 20 percent. For example, switching out old single-pane windows for double-pane, Energy Star approved windows will keep your home cooler in the summer and much warmer during cold winter months.

  1. To increase the value of your home

exterior doors increasing home valueYour home is likely your biggest asset. Even if you don’t plan on selling it anytime soon, it’s still important to make the right improvements to ensure it withstands the tests and ravages of time. While the investment in new windows and doors might not be seen immediately, over the course of approximately seven years, they will pay for themselves with the rise in the value of your home. Research shows that homeowners can recoup about 75 percent of the cost from investing in new, high efficiency windows.

  1. To stop problems before they start

Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This quote has been popular for hundreds of years because it’s true in any situation, especially when it comes to updating windows and exterior doors. For instance, if there is water damage around a window frame or leaks around the front door that are letting valuable cool or warm air escape, now if the time to fix these issues. Also, your windows and doors should open and close easily. If it takes effort, something is wrong. These problems don’t just go away on their own, and, in the case of leaks, they are likely to recur. By updating now, you can save yourself a load of hassles and headaches tomorrow.

  1. Aesthetics

Styles change. Moods swing. It could also simply be that those windows and doors that seemed ideal when you selected it 10 years ago just don’t match your lifestyle anymore. That durable, kid-friendly exterior door may have been perfect when your children were little but today it looks unattractive and bulky now that they are all grown up. This is natural and if you are having such feelings, then an upgrade may be in order. There are many new design choices and environmentally friendly materials available which might not have been around a few years ago. Updating your windows and exterior doors also enhances the overall look of your home as well. When people look at your home, windows and doors are a huge part of what they see and you will want to be sure you are conveying the right messages. Are you whimsical and carefree or quiet and conventional? The windows and doors on the exterior of your home should reflect the lifestyle on the interior. When selling your home, curb appeal is essential. In fact, more than 90 percent of real estate professionals report that a buyer’s first impression is one of the most important factors in how fast a home will sell. More than 80 percent of real estate agents have had buyers refuse to look at the inside of a home based on the outside appearance.

  1. Age

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and, at some point during your home ownership period, you will need to update your windows and exterior doors. While most products are manufactured to endure moderate wear and tear, they are still likely to experience some level of deterioration over time. This is particularly true with the harsh winters and weather conditions in the northeast. The simple truth is that your current windows and doors just aren’t as effective as they were when new. You must also consider new energy codes and standards and it’s your responsibility to make sure your home meets these requirements. In addition, it’s vital to properly maintain and protect your windows and doors to extend their lifespan and this often requires updating as well.

How to select new windows and exterior doors for your home

Check the energy performance rating – the National Fenestration Ratings Council tests, labels and certifies windows, doors and skylight products. You can also look for the Energy Star label. These numbers determine how well the product will perform in your climate.  They look at factors such as solar heat gain coefficient and visible transmittance. To receive a high rating, products must have insulated glass, low emission coatings and other high performing materials. Therefore, if the window and door products you choose have a high rating, you know you are getting quality.

Choose windows and doors that match the style of your home – you don’t want your exterior doors and windows to seem out of place on your home. This is not only unattractive but can have a negative effect on the resale value. For example, you might not want to replace an existing wood frame with an aluminum or vinyl one, without giving your entire exterior a new facelift as well. The windows and exterior doors should look like they really belong on the house, not like a mismatched retrofit.

Consult a professional contracting company – a top quality contractor, like Tandem Contracting, can discuss your ideas for improving your home and handle the project from concept to completion. We are licensed and fully insured with many satisfied customers. Additionally, we understand what’s needed to choose the right products based on climate and the unique features of your residence and area. Talk to us today about updating the windows and exterior doors of your home.

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