Kitchen Renovation Trends in 2022

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and if you’re planning on a kitchen renovation in your New Jersey home, you probably feel the pressure to keep it that way. Maybe you’ve started to look at the most current trends in kitchen remodeling. You might have recently seen a friend’s kitchen that you just love. It’s worth doing your homework to see all your options so that you can make the best choices for yourself and your family.

What is on-trend right now for kitchen remodeling projects? What kinds of cabinets do most people use? Is it all about tile, stone, or laminate flooring? Are homeowners finding kitchen islands to be more functional than a traditional countertop area? 

We are ready to bring you to the year 2022 and show you some of the most popular, efficient, and practical trends happening right now. Let’s get going!

Make Your Kitchen Work for You

Everyone seems to gather in the kitchen. Need something to eat? Head to the kitchen. Need to work on a craft, finish your homework, use a space for a temporary home office, or just have a talk with a friend? We tend to make it all happen in the kitchen. It’s our gathering place. It’s where we feel most at home.

Knowing this, you must incorporate some functional kitchen designs while still creating your dream kitchen and gathering space. People, especially family, gather in your kitchen and other parts of your home, making for incredible experiences and memories. Plan your new space so that this can continue to happen. You’ll be so glad you did!

Color It What?!

Homeowners are embracing more neutral, natural colors in their kitchen remodeling projects and new builds. Neutral colors have a way of warming a space and making it welcoming to friends and family. As a result, those gray tones that we’ve seen so much over the last several years are starting to fade away.

Don’t think those bold colors are out of the picture just yet, though. You’ll continue to see various bold tones all over the kitchen and bathroom renovation pages. Of course, blues will continue to make a statement in all kinds of design and installations as well. 

Another color that we have started to see emerging once again is green, in all shades and variations. This newly popular color is being used more and more to create a relaxing yet fresh and inviting atmosphere. Don’t we all need a little more of that in our life?

The exciting thing is that these bold colors do not lend themselves to only one style of home. You’ll see them appear in more traditional houses as a way of refreshing the space, as well as in modern and even country-style homes’ kitchen cabinets and more. In fact, we believe that the bold color trend will last for many years to come.

Simplicity is Central

One of the most basic but important trends that we are seeing in kitchen renovation and bathroom remodeling is simplicity. We see it in the way homeowners use clean or even sharp geometric lines on sleek cabinetry countertops, simple cabinets, tile flooring, stainless steel appliances, and uncomplicated hardware. Although these simple lines can often bring a more modern and cold feel, there’s a way to combine them with warm colors, materials, and textures to bring a feeling of comfort. 

Decorating with less clutter and housing fewer items on countertops and tables, have already become popular as the idea of minimalism spreads more widely. 

Smart home technology will continue to find its way into the kitchen as our energy-efficient appliances, pantries, and more are brought into the mix. This technology will make homeowners’ lives simpler as we won’t have to multi-task all on our own any longer. In addition, voice-activated technology will become more standard, and we’ll surely be wondering how we did without it all these years. 

Patterns in Key Areas

While simplicity and minimalism are major trends in kitchens and bathrooms alike, introducing beautiful patterns in tasteful ways can be key to introducing color, texture, and character into your space. Patterned tile creates gorgeous kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room backsplashes and flooring.

Maybe you’ve seen this look already in a friend’s home or family member’s bathroom. It’s a trend that has been around the last few years, but it’s continuing to gain traction in many types of homes. These patterns can range anywhere from a bold flowing vine type of print to a soft geometrical design.

While patterned tile can seem incredibly risky in terms of the style lasting for years to come, if you do decide to use it, we think you’ll be glad you did. Patterns are an easy way to add a soft or bold touch to your complete kitchen look. They are easy to clean, too!

Country Modern, the New Frontier

While the title “country modern” seems to be a little conflicting, the two ideas together are proving to be quite complementary in kitchen renovations, and home trends as a whole. Unique details such as exposed brick, more natural-looking woods, exposed wood beams, sleek appliances, marble countertops, and clean lines all make for a beautiful design that feels simple yet comfortable. It’s truly the new frontier, and it’s a popular one at that!

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