Top 5 Trends in Designing the Ultimate Man Cave

Gone are the days of man caves furnished by second-hand couches and old shag rugs. Male living spaces and man caves have their own design aesthetic. Modern man caves feature attractive yet relaxed entertainment spaces. Each man cave is unique to the man’s hobbies and interests; however, below are five design trends that will make any man cave look contemporary and feel comfortable – no matter its purpose.

#5: Minimalist Aesthetic

The modern man cave is a sleek and attractive place to unwind. Minimalism is the aesthetic for man caves now. Your man cave’s design should follow the following design principles: thin, sleek, and simple. Your furniture should be tall and narrow. The colors of choice are solids such as black, gray, or white. Avoid tables and chairs with thick legs. Be sure to include some paintings or posters on the walls, but do not clutter the walls with too much artwork. Modern man caves are intentional and simple in their design.

Natural wood grains – particularly lighter colors such as soft maple and oak – are very popular. To incorporate these nature accents, install hardwood floors in your man cave. An alternative to installing hardwood floors is to install faux-hardwood on top of the base floor. Fully carpeted man caves are outdated. Including a throw rug, however, is important. When choosing a rug, find one with a large and simple geometric pattern. This will bring some abstract design to your minimalist space. Coffee tables and shelving units should also be a wood grain. Do not leave the entire space bare, however. Curtains, small accessories, and throw pillows will make your man cave feel more lived in. When choosing colors for your room’s accessories, consider shades of blue such as navy, denim, or blue-gray. Other color options include darker shades of yellow, such as goldenrod, as well as darker shades of orange.

Another cornerstone of the man cave aesthetic is a sectional couch. While armchairs are classic pieces of man cave furniture, a sectional couch offers more function. A sectional allows you to spread out and enjoy supreme comfort. Sectionals can also fit multiple people, though, so they are great for entertaining friends. Common colors for a sectional are solid shades of gray. Your sectional is also a great place to put accent pillows. The pillows can feature the logo of your favorite sports team, or they can simply be a solid color. Modern man caves are designed to look sleek and feel clean and comfortable.

#4: Ample Storage Space

A man cave can sometimes be multi-purpose. Perhaps you also have an extensive collection of collectable figures, or maybe you want a place to store all of your books. A good man cave has plenty of storage space. Try to avoid chunky furniture such as trunks or storage-capable ottomans. Instead, opt for thin shelving units and simple bookcases. Avoid clear plastic containers because all of your clutter will still be on display. If you are using multiple shelving units, you can organize belongings in solid colored baskets to keep the space looking tidy. This will also make it easier for you to find your belongings, since you can organize them by category in each basket. Man caves no longer carry an expectation of disarray: take time to give your belongings a place and a purpose.

#3: A Stylish Bathroom

If your man cave is located in a basement, then chances are that there is room to install a bathroom down there – that is, if your basement does not have a bathroom already. If your basement man cave is lacking a bathroom, then installing one is very easy. The plumbing and electrical wiring will be easy to find in a basement. Even a small bathroom can be a great addition to your basement. A bathroom near your man cave is important because it allows you to stay comfortable without having to interrupt your personal time. Modern man cave bathrooms are just as carefully designed as the main space, however, so keep the following trending aesthetics in mind.

If you are considering a full renovation or construction of a bathroom, then your bathroom needs to follow minimalist design trends. First, the entire room should not be solid white. An all-white bathroom is sterile and uninteresting. In order to make the space more invigorating, design an accent wall. This can be a tiled wall. You can line the wall with gray rectangular tiles, similar to common brickwork. An alternative is to simply paint the wall a bright color such as cobalt blue. For the floor, stick with dark gray or black tiling. This will add dimension to the room, while also keeping its design modern. For the sink, a wood grain counter is ideal. For a truly modern look, install a white deep sink bowl on top of the counter. The underside of the sink should be left clear for storage space. One option is to place small shelves under the sink, though you could also place a black wicker basket. This will help organize your extra toiletries and cleaning supplies.

Finish off the design with a matching bathmat and hand towels. In order to do this, reincorporate key colors such as gray, yellow, or blue. If your bathroom has a lot of open wall space, hanging some art work can help bring the room together. The bathroom can be an extension of your man cave, so maybe hang some album art from a favorite artist or a poster of one of your favorite athletes. If you need more storage space in your bathroom, try to use shelving units that are thin and solid colored. Wall-mounted shelves are a good option as well. A great man cave should be comfortable and attractive, and that design philosophy extends to the bathroom.

#2: A Comfortable TV Area

A comfortable area to watch TV is the second biggest trend in man cave designs because many hobbies require a television and a good sound system. Flat screen TVs can be easily mounted on a wall, and there are many high-resolution, affordable TVs to choose from. For man caves that use multiple video game consoles or that feature large DVD collections, an entertainment unit can be a great installation. The unit should be low to the ground and of a darker color, preferably a dark oak or black. You have a few different options for sound systems. Sound bars are popular as an affordable choice; however, a surround sound system is ideal for an ultimate viewing experience.

Shared seating is far more popular in man cave design trends today. Stick with a sectional couch and some love seats as opposed to multiple arm chairs. Be sure to have plenty of surfaces for guests to place drinks and food: some coffee tables or side tables will be great additions to your TV area. Make sure that the tables are all tall and slender. These designs will make your TV area modern and inviting.

#1: A Mini-Bar

A mini-bar is the biggest trend in man cave designs today. Whether your man cave is for personal use only, or if it is intended to entertain visitors, a mini-bar can be a fun addition to your space. As long as you work with a good contractor, the installation of your mini-bar will not be difficult. When designing your mini-bar, be sure to leave enough space to install a sink and a mini-fridge as well. A full-sized refrigerator is also an option if you have the space. Some modern man cave mini-bars even feature a microwave or toaster oven so that you have easily accessible options for making food.

In order to design your personal bar to fit in with the modern man cave aesthetic, be sure to feature plenty of wood grains in the area. You can choose to use a woodgrain counter top on your bar, or you can install some wood paneling on the walls next to it. Be sure to have tiling installed on the floor to make possible spills easy to clean. For other walls or furniture, color options include beige, blue, and gray. Many man cave mini-bars now feature programmable LED light strips. These light strips can add dimension to a space by casting light and shadows off of walls or into glass door mini-fridges. You can also hang LED light strips near cabinets or along a wall. LED lights are popular because they can bring a relaxed atmosphere to your space. Even if the area for your man cave is not very big, you can get creative with the design. A mini-bar is not a feature that you want to skip. Work with your contractor to determine how best to design your space.

The ideal man cave should reflect the hobbies of its owner. These trends all value comfort, yet they also elevate your man cave’s design. Your space can look modern and attractive, while also showcasing your favorite hobbies or collectables. Every man deserves a space to call his own. These five trends will set your man cave apart from the rest.

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