Tips for Your Dream Master Suite Renovation

As you are designing your master suite renovation and add-on, there are some vital details to think about before breaking ground. You can imagine the finished project: an open, large bedroom to escape to with an adjoining bathroom. But what about all of the details that come with planning the upgrades and add-on logistics? 

For a master suite renovation, you need to consider walk-in closets, how you’ll maximize natural lights, and whether you’ll bump out into the backyard or construct a second-story add-on. In addition, you may want to meet with a design team to ensure all of your upgrades are on-trend and timeless enough for resale. 

As you consider all of these aspects of a master suite renovation, read on to learn about some tips that will save you time and money in the long run. 

What Is a Master Suite?

A master suite is the home’s main bedroom that includes an adjoining bathroom. Usually, the master bedroom is the largest bedroom in the house, and the bathroom includes various upgrades like a large soaking tub or a double vanity. 

If you have an existing bedroom that is less than exciting, it may be time for a master suite renovation. You can change up that wall-to-wall carpet with beautiful hardwood floors or luxury vinyl. Or you can keep it simple by adding a new color scheme and painting an accent wall. Your bedroom should be your escape, and master suite remodels are at the top of priorities for home improvement projects. 

If you do not have an existing master suite and are ready to add one to your home, be sure to read through all of these tips before starting on your home addition. 

Ways to Create a Master Suite

You will save the most money if you can find a way to use or convert space that is already in your home. For example, maybe you have a large home office or game room that nobody ever uses that is close in proximity to an extra bathroom. You could close in that room and connect it with the bathroom to get your suite renovating off to a good start. 

You will save 50-60% in cash if you convert existing space in the home into a master bathroom and bedroom. The remodeling part is easy if you already have a foundation, exterior walls, insulation, water pipes, and structure. 

Add a Bathroom to an Existing Room

For your master suite renovation, you may already have a large bedroom in your house that lacks a master bath. Take out the secondary bedroom that is next door to create a master suite with a bathroom attached. 

As with all bathroom remodels and additions, you will need a plumber to come in and plan out the plumbing for the new bathroom. This can take some extra planning, but it is well worth it and will save you more money than starting from scratch and building a full addition on the outside of your home. 

Convert a Room into a Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Think outside of the box with remodeling projects. For example, some homes have large dining rooms on the main level with beautiful windows for natural lighting. But if you find that you don’t need two kitchen tables in your house, you can convert the dining room into a master suite. 

Use that large space to create the master suite renovation of your dreams. You can build out a bedroom with an attached bathroom to create a main-level suite that will be easy to age into as the years go on. When you maximize the existing space in your home, you will save yourself loads of time and money. 

Another option is to convert the garage space into a master suite. Remember, any part of your home that already has a foundation and exterior walls is an excellent place for a master suite renovation, even if you have to add plumbing for your bathroom addition. 

And lastly, don’t forget unfinished space in your home, like the attic or the basement. Build out the attic to create a master suite escape with the square footage that is right in front of you. Or you can finish your basement and add a master suite, theater room, and a home gym. There are so many possibilities for your master suite renovation. 

Build an Addition to Include a Master Suite

If you do not have extra space in your home and could use an extra bedroom for a master suite add-on, there are two ways you can do this. Take a look at these home addition options for a master suite renovation: 

  • Bump Out into the Backyard or Side Property: One way that you can add a master suite to your home is by building out the main level. If you have room to spare in the backyard or side of the house, you can use the space to build onto your house. It will be an extensive project, adding the foundation, exterior walls, insulation, electrical, and plumbing. But it will be well worth it for the space you need in your home without having to uproot and move. 
  • 2nd-Story Addition: Another way to add on is with a 2nd story addition. You can build over a garage or a single-story home. Some homes with vaulted ceilings even have room for a 2nd story addition without changing the roof. Keep in mind that a master suite upstairs will be harder to navigate if you are planning to stay in the home as you grow older.  

Once you decide how you are going to add on the master suite, you will be ready to get to planning. If you are already adding on, can you afford room for a storage room or an extended walk-in closet? Be sure to maximize this new addition. 

Top Master Suite Trends in 2022 (and beyond)

A master suite is truly an oasis that you want to come home to every day to feel at ease and relaxed. You can build your master suite to be like a luxury vacation that you have access to daily. Look at these interior design tips to learn about premium master bathroom upgrades and architectural details that will bring your vision to life. 

  • Spa-Like Atmosphere: People want their master bedroom to feel like a spa getaway. Think calm colors, smooth surfaces, and luxurious upgrades. Add in some essential oils and a shower that converts to a sauna room, and there’s no need for a visit to the spa anymore! 
  • Walk-in Shower: The walk-in showers are not only great for accessibility, but they are beautiful. Some showers have seamless entries with the floor of your bathroom, with wide doorways. You can make the shower spacious and install benches inside the shower for recharging. 
  • Rainwater Showerhead: The overhead showerheads are on-trend. Install two showerheads in your shower with multiple settings for water pressure. You can feel like you are in the rainforest in your very own home. 
  • Oversized Soaking Tub: Standalone bathtubs are a beautiful addition to your bathroom remodel. Place the tub by the window with a view, and escape the worries of the day while enjoying the beauties of nature.
  • Natural Light: Big, bright windows are perfect for bathrooms. The natural light flowing in makes everything look gorgeous, and is valuable for getting ready in front of the mirror each morning. 
  • Accent Wall: Although white, off-white, and cream are still in style for the walls, you can add some color with an accent wall in the bedroom or bathroom. Choose a color that makes you happy. When you paint one wall, it adds just the right touch that isn’t overwhelming. 
  • Mixed Metals: Mixed metals are a wonderful trend that gives you the freedom to choose designs that you love without having to stick with shiny gold because the doorknobs are gold. Polished chrome is a trendy metal for the bathroom. Mix chrome light fixtures with brass drawer pull and doorknobs for an updated look. 
  • Textures: Add some texture to your design, whether it be a natural rock tile in the bathroom or a fur rug in the bedroom. When you have a variety of textures in the room, the complex design will add the charm you desire. 

Before jumping into your master suite renovation, be sure to find the balance between your taste and current trends. Even if you have a style that is unique, you can find a way to make that come out in a modern way. That way, your home will be ready for resale if something unexpected comes up. And it is more likely you will love your bathroom for the long haul when you update it according to current trends. 

Let Tandem Contracting Build Your Master Suite!

At Tandem Contracting, we can help you realize the master suite of your dreams. We can visit your house and determine the best place for your master suite renovation. Whether you choose to convert an existing room, finish a basement or attic, or create a new addition to your home, our team is experienced with all of it. 

If you have an idea, our team can implement it into your master suite design. Do not hesitate to contact Tandem Contracting today to set up your initial appointment with our expert team. 


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