Tips and Trends for a 2022 Bathroom Remodel

If You Are Looking for Bathroom Remodel Ideas, Here Are a Few Trends to Keep an Eye On!

As you are looking forward to the rest of 2022, what goals are you hoping to achieve? Many people are prioritizing their home improvement projects. When you hire the right contractor, you can make your bathroom remodel ideas become a reality.

As you are searching online to explore your options, choosing bathroom design features that will stay trendy for years is essential. You don’t want to put in the time and effort to upgrade the bathroom, only to find out that it is out of style too fast. 

Here are the top bathroom remodel ideas that are popular in 2022, helping you gain insight into the best features to include in your renovation plans.

The Always Popular Trends

Some bathroom remodel ideas are timeless. You can install them right now without worrying that they will go out of style soon. Choosing trends that are always popular can be a safe way to go instead of installing something that is bold and unusual.

Timeless bathroom remodels features include the following.

Double Vanity

Having two sinks in a high-traffic bathroom is essential to keeping peace in the home. Whether you are designing the master bathroom or a bathroom that kids are sharing, a double vanity is a feature that upgrades the overall function and design of the room. 

Double vanities are so popular that they should always be on your list of bathroom remodel ideas. If you have enough space in the bathroom design, then you won’t regret the installation of two sinks.

Spa Tub

When you are tired after a long day at work, it feels great to soak in a hot bath and let the stress of the day melt away. A soaking tub is an excellent investment for self-care. It’s like bringing a spa into your home, giving you the option to relax as often as you’d like.

Make sure the spa tub is big enough that you can stretch your legs and submerge under the water. Unfortunately, small bathrooms don’t have enough square footage for these oversized tubs. So, a spa tub is most common in a bigger bathroom, such as the primary bathroom.

Rainfall Shower Head

Enjoy the gentle, cleansing flow of water in your shower with a rainfall showerhead. When you are finalizing your list of bathroom remodel ideas, it’s essential that you choose the right hardware and fixtures for the bathroom. A good showerhead makes an average bathroom feel luxurious.

In addition to making your shower experience more relaxing, the rainfall showerhead style gives a bigger coverage span, so you can shower more quickly. Finally, a rainfall showerhead is a significant upgrade for the bathroom’s aesthetics since it adds a classy touch of style.

Fresh Ideas for 2022 Bathroom Remodels

In addition to the classic bathroom remodel ideas listed above, also consider a few modern trends to incorporate into your new bathroom design. Modern bathrooms are not only stylish and trendy, but they also incorporate the best features for optimal function. 

Consider these modern bathroom features when you are planning your bathroom remodel ideas for 2022.

Multi-Purpose Storage

When working with designs for small bathrooms, the function can be a challenge. Not only do you need to choose the sink, shower, and toilet features that fit in the bathroom, but it’s also essential to think about storage elements that make it more comfortable.

Where are you planning to store the towels, extra toilet paper, and toiletries? Many bathroom vanities come with built-in drawers and cupboards. But the storage space might not be enough for what you need.

Multi-purpose storage can include floating shelves above the toilet where you keep the towels and toilet paper. Or, you might add a small cupboard or shelves behind the door. Evaluate the available space and see if you can come up with any bathroom remodel ideas that include a little more storage. Again, the goal is to improve function without sacrificing style and aesthetics.

High-Tech Fixtures

One of the easiest ways to upgrade the master bath or any other bathroom in the house is to install high-tech fixtures. The quality of the hardware and fixtures directly impacts the overall look and feel of the room. 

Interior design doesn’t have to require a lot of intensive construction or a complete remodel of the bathroom. Instead, focus on faucets, cupboard handles, light fixtures (such as pendant lights), and more when you put together your list of bathroom remodel ideas.

This bathroom idea can incorporate both style and technology. For example, you might spend a little more on a light feature that allows you to dim the lights so you can relax more fully when taking a bath.

Large Shower Stalls

It feels nice to have plenty of space in a walk-in shower. When this part of the bathroom is open, there is a lot more space to decorate. The focus will be on the tile backsplash. Decide whether you want to go with a hint of color in the tile or if you prefer white marble.

Another option is to choose a black and white theme, with white tile with black accents. White is a great color because it brings light into the bathroom and makes it look bigger.

Depending on the size of the shower, you might choose to install a big shower door. Or, if you are trying to save money, then shower curtains can add a bit of style and provide the function that you need at the same time.

Let Us Dream Up Your Bathroom Remodel!

What bathroom remodel ideas do you want to include in your design plan? If you are ready to upgrade your home this year, it’s time to schedule a consultation with an experienced renovation team you can trust. 

Tandem Contracting offers full-service solutions for every room in your house. Contact us to learn more about the ways that we can help with your bathroom renovations, full house remodeling, or any other construction services that you need.


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