The Hottest Trends in Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodels are not what they used to be. With so many options, homeowners can be as creative as they wish. Although functionality is still the standard bearer for most remodels, homeowners are not confining their choices to the typical bathroom décor. The hottest new trends are proof of what is possible today. Homeowners are creating spa-like, master bathrooms with beautiful features that offer luxury and a relaxing environment. Here are some of the hot new trends to inspire as you contemplate your bathroom remodel.

Wood has become an integral part of a bathroom design. The use of wood not only softens the look of a bathroom, but also helps to lessen that echoing bathroom sound. It is being used to frame mirrors, laundry bins, tubs, and more. Wood-paneled ceilings, wood vanities and wood accent walls are trends that homeowners are enjoying today. Wood brings a feeling of warmth into any bathroom and is a popular choice right now. It can be a surprisingly strong performer in such a humid environment. Tandem Contracting can show you how.

Spa-like bathrooms are a big trend, offering a light and airy feel with their deep whirlpool or soaking tubs, rain shower heads, and steam showers. Steam showers are growing in popularity for their therapeutic effects. They help to open pores, relax muscles and increase blood circulation. Wall mount, flat screen TVs are becoming increasingly popular for spa and master bathrooms. Another hot trend for high-end, spa bathrooms is the heated floor. Adding a heated floor can bring unmatched comfort on those chilly mornings.

Creative use of tile has become quite the trend. Homeowners are using tile to create unique patterns on walls and floors. Mosaics on floors are often requested. Metro and subway tile continue to be top choices. New ways of displaying tile is all the rage. Designs include arranging subway tile in a herringbone pattern or vertical side by side. Creative uses of grout to show off a pattern of how the tile is laid, for example, have become quite popular. Bold color choice is also trending.

Cabinetry that includes more and especially creative storage, is a common option included in today’s bathroom remodel. The latest cabinetry boasts, deeper drawers, pull-outs, roll-outs, tilt-ups and other features to offer as much storage space as possible. Eliminating a cluttered vanity is the goal. “Floating” vanities or those attached to the wall and not the floor, give a more open feel to a bathroom.

One of the most fascinating tends is the desire for a full vintage look. Many people attribute this trend to the popularity and influence of TV shows such as Downton Abbey. Bathroom remodels are seeing more free-standing claw-foot tubs, antique vanities, and classic brass fittings, as homeowners choose to create bathrooms that ooze timeless elegance.

High-tech features add to the long list of trendy products that are part of today’s bathroom remodels. Choices include hand-free faucets, built-in audio systems, and dual flush toilets which offer two flushing options, one for light work and one for heavy work.

Whatever trend you find fits your style and personality, Tandem can take your vision and make it a reality. Whether that 5-star, hotel feel is what you are looking for, or a more vintage feel is what you want, Tandem will be your guide through all of today’s hottest trends.

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