Springtime Home Renovations that Wow

And why now could be the perfect time to get them started

It has been a long and cold winter, but thankfully we’re finally seeing signs of a thaw. It won’t be long now before the temperatures start climbing and that wonderful spring weather arrives. And while you may be thinking about some cleaning or organization projects for your home, you might also want to consider something a little bigger. Spring is an ideal time for a renovation for a variety of reasons, including:

Good weather

While there will still be some chilly days early in the season, because it’s not too cold or too hot, the weather during spring is usually pretty perfect for a renovation, especially for an exterior project. This means that the work can generally be done without too many delays, resulting in faster completion time.

It’s the home-buying season

If you’re planning to sell your home this year, you’ll want to make sure it is on the market when spring rolls around. This is because most buyers start looking during this time of year, especially those with kids who want to be in a new home before the next school year begins. Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is a great selling point for home shoppers, and it can also get you a higher sale price.

Summer is coming

There are many reasons to get your remodeling project done before summer comes. With school still in session and the kids out of the house most of the day, this could make things easier for everyone. If you plan to have friends or family visit during the summer, you will want to make sure that all of the work is completed before they arrive – in part because you’ll get to show it off and brag about it. Plus, if you love entertaining, adding a new deck or patio – or fixing up what you already have – will let you have an even more enjoyable summer.

What should you do to transform your home this spring?

While there are certainly a lot of ways to make improvements, these projects, in particular, can help you increase your home’s value and at the same time let you get more out of it.

A new kitchen

Your kitchen may have been one of the things that made you fall in love with your home, but it’s possible that now the love affair is over. While it used to feel spacious, now it feels cramped (especially if you’ve added to your family over the years).

Perhaps those formerly bright and shiny appliances have dulled significantly. If you find that the kitchen is primarily used as a place to drop off your stuff when you get home and more often than not cooking just involves using the microwave, it’s time for a change. A brand-new kitchen complete with upgraded appliances and more counter space and storage will help rekindle the flame and make you more inspired to actually use it.

A basement gym

Chances are good that your basement is one of the most wasted rooms in your house. Sure, it is handy for storing stuff and perhaps your washer and dryer are down there, but you could be using it for so much more.

For example, why not turn it into a gym? If one of your New Year’s resolutions involved getting in better shape, having a place to work out in your own home makes things super convenient and doesn’t allow you to make any excuses. While you can add some exercise equipment to your basement as it currently is, it may make more sense to have it finished. Not only will this improve the climate, but it will also vastly enhance its appearance.

A new or upgraded deck

If you want to create more living space in your home and don’t have the room or budget for a sizable addition, a deck is a great option. If you already have one, it could be time for some upgrades. After that snow- and ice-covered winter, it’s a good idea to take a look at your deck to see what Mother Nature did to it.

Unless you’re extremely diligent with maintenance, it is probably due for some, and this could include replacing cracked or rotted boards. But aside from some basic upkeep, you may want to do more. If the deck is on the small side, perhaps it’s time for an expansion. You might also want to think about new additions like built-in seating or even a hot tub.

New windows

If your spring-cleaning routine involves giving a nice gleam to your windows, take a good look at them while you’re scrubbing. It is possible you will find a few cracked window panes or maybe some deterioration around the sills or trim. While you can certainly make repairs, replacing them could be the better choice. Not only will new windows improve your home’s curb appeal, but they will also improve their energy efficiency.

Ready to do something amazing to your home this spring? Get in touch with Tandem Contracting. We’re the experts when it comes to all of the projects mentioned above. Plus, we also offer bathroom remodels, wiring services, and much more. To get started, call us at 973-864-3100 or send us a message outlining your project through our online form.

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