Spring is the Season of Bathroom Renovations

It’s been a weird winter. With little snowfall and unseasonably warm afternoons, it hasn’t really felt like winter for the majority of the season. With this in mind, let’s redirect our focus towards the quickly approaching spring season. 

As the warm weather becomes the new normal, many will begin planning home renovations. There are a potentially overwhelming amount of home improvement projects to choose from and, of course, every home has different, specific needs. To help combat this, the team at Tandem Contracting has narrowed our focus to discuss some of the most actionable, and easiest, bathroom remodel ideas you can implement this spring!

Change Cabinet Doors 

Many people purchase homes that have bathrooms they’re not happy with. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of resolving this issue is to simply have new cabinet doors installed. 

Simply changing the color and design of your cabinets can completely change the feel of a bathroom.

Fresh Tiling Job

Tiles don’t typically last forever. As the years go on, they can lose their color and shine. This can happen at expedited speed when the tiles are in your bathtub or shower, as they are in seemingly constant contact with water. 

Having your bathroom’s tiles replaced can dramatically elevate the room, making it feel brand new. With so many different choices, from black or white tiles to ceramic or porcelain tiles, there are nearly unlimited options to choose from and each can yield a different desired result. 

You can choose to tile as little or as much as your bathroom as you’d like. We’ve completed jobs where we simply retiled the shower, but we’ve also completed small bathroom remodels where we’ve tiled the floor and all of the walls, which resulted in a crisp, polished, and completely different look than the previous bathroom. 

Tiles are extremely versatile. Choosing which one fits your needs is one of the more difficult aspects of a bathroom design, but Tandem can help with that as well! We’re professionals with years of experience, and through those years, we’ve worked on more beautiful bathrooms than we can count.

Through all that experience, we’ve learned which floor tiles look best on walls, which tiles serve what size bathrooms best, and how to choose tiles that complement each other. We’d be happy to consult you as you choose your tiles. Simply reach out to us!

New Vanity

Typically, the older your bathroom is, the less storage space is available, since older homes weren’t built with storage in mind. However, in the 21st century, everyone has a plethora of products, towels, and toiletries that they need easy access to while in the bathroom. 

If your bathroom was built without a closet, you may feel as though you’re out of luck, but did you consider replacing or adding a new bathroom vanity? Whether it’s a free standing unit with shelves and cabinet space or it’s a wall mounted mirror with a cabinet behind it, a new vanity could drastically increase your bathroom’s storage options. 

In addition to increased storage space, a new bathroom vanity can also give your bathroom a more polished, elegant look. Depending on the model you chose, your new vanity can transform your bathroom into a relaxing yet refined hideaway. 

Transparent Shower Doors

Not all bathrooms were created equal. Old bathrooms were not only built without storage space, they were also built with minimal space. As the decades have yearned on, people have begun to demand larger, more spacious bathrooms. If your home is equipped with smaller, older bathrooms, you may feel as though there’s nothing you can do about this, but you’d be mistaken. 

While the team at Tandem Contracting could certainly expand your current bathroom without any problems, there are easier, more cost-effective, and timely actions we could take to increase the functionality and space of your current bathroom, however small it may be. 

Have you ever noticed that when your shower curtain is closed, your bathroom appears to be even smaller? The curtain is cutting off the rest of the room, making the entire space seem more closed in and cramped.

An easy solution to this would be to ditch the traditional shower curtain and have transparent shower doors installed. These clear doors will open up the parts of your bathroom that previously remained hidden by the curtain. It’s not only a more inviting and open look, but these doors give bathrooms a more modern feel. If you feel as though your bathroom looks like it’s stuck in the previous century, consider replacing your shower curtain with sliding, transparent shower doors. 


Another easy and actionable way you can revitalize your bathroom is by having a fresh coat of paint applied. With the spring being the perfect interior painting season, there’s no better time to consider having your bathroom painted. 

Tandem Contracting works using Benjamin Moore paints and products. With such a wide variety, we’re confident we’ll be able to find the exact shade you’re dreaming of. Their color preview features hundreds of possible paint choices, and we have access to all of them! 

In addition to contracting, at Tandem we’re full-service painters, and can gladly handle the task of repainting your bathroom!

Whether you’re considering remodeling a guest bathroom or your master bath, Tandem Contracting can help. If it’s a small space you’d like to feel more spacious or a decently sized bathroom you want to redo, we have the experience, expertise, and precise abilities to make your bathroom remodel as easy and seamless as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’d like one of the above-mentioned tasks performed, or if you want everything done as a full bathroom renovation, we can handle it. Reach out to the team at Tandem Contracting today for a free estimate so that by the time we’re officially in the spring season, your bathroom remodeling project will be well underway! 

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