Most Common Home Renovation Mistakes

You’re finally ready to begin the home remodeling project you’ve been anticipating. You’ve saved your money and spent hours upon hours researching exactly what you want. Whether it’s a new home you’ve just purchased or one that you’ve been living in for years, it’s time to make your home your own. 

Even though you’re excited to get started, you don’t want to make any mistakes along the way that end up costing you extra money and time. There are many things to prepare for and be aware of during a remodel. Let’s check out a few of the most common mistakes that can be made during a home remodel.

Underestimating Costs

You’ve probably seen the home makeover shows on t.v. Something unexpected always seems to come up, costing the homeowners hundreds if not thousands of dollars. This doesn’t just happen on t.v. Unfortunately, this occurs pretty often in real-life home remodels. It’s a good idea on your part to plan as much as possible to avoid what you can.

Home renovations usually take longer and cost more than planned. Adding 20 percent to what you believe your renovation will cost is wise for those unexpected expenses. If you don’t have the money to do that, consider cutting back on your project plans.

Also, hiring a professional can give you a better idea from the beginning as to what the cost of your project will be. Your contractor will gather bids from the subcontractors and give you a cost estimate. When doing a DIY project, just “winging it” can be challenging. You can quickly come up short in funds when underestimating your home remodeling project yourself because you most likely don’t know the pitfalls and necessary behind-the-scenes steps that need to take place. Home renovation costs can skyrocket in the most unplanned areas.

Building a Small Bathroom

When you add a small bathroom as part of your total home renovation, each tiny detail is a big deal. Choosing the right features to add can make a small area feel larger than it really is. Believe it or not, bright colors and bold patterns can make a tiny space light and grander than you can imagine. 

Another important trick when building a small space is to choose smaller fixtures. Putting in average-sized sinks and other things can be a big mistake. It will be too crowded and make your bathroom seem even smaller than it already is. Don’t make this one of your home renovation mistakes!

Additionally, you might consider adding on the bathroom and enlarging the size if possible. Everyone appreciates the extra space and it’s a great investment for potential future owners.

Building Small Doorways

Building small doorways in your home can be a mistake that you pay for over and over again. If your doorway is in a high-traffic area, you’ll want to have a large enough opening so that multiple people can walk through it at the same time. 

When you’re moving in furniture, you’ll be glad that you have wider doorways as well. Think about that big couch you’re trying to get into your space. There’s no way that will happen if you have small entrances or walkways built into your new home renovation. 

Setting an Unrealistic Budget

One of the biggest mistakes when dreaming about a home renovation is setting an unrealistic budget. It’s normal to want the best of the best when planning your new space. You’ve probably talked to all your friends, looked at all the Pinterest pictures, and googled every option possible, right? Coming to terms with how much you have to spend on your home renovation needs to happen sooner than later, though. 

When hiring a contractor and getting a cost estimate back, one of the biggest surprises homeowners tend to have is the blow of how much labor costs to complete each project. You might price out and estimate what you think materials will cost in your space, but it’s easy to forget about paying the person to complete the work. While DIY may initially sound appealing, using professionals is a much better solution.

Also, remember to pad your budget for those unexpected surprises. You never know what you’ll find when you tear down that wall or begin to replace plumbing fixtures. Don’t set an unrealistic budget and then find yourself in trouble halfway through the project. This can be a big disappointment.

Updating the Wrong Things

Updating certain areas of your home isn’t always what will bring you’re the most value or return on investment (ROI). When making your list of changes or updates you want to make, do your research and choose updates that you know will be valuable to others, not just you. 

Adding storage, a bathroom to your main floor, finishing a basement, updating kitchen cabinets and appliances, or adding new floor treatments to the master bathroom are examples of adding real value to your home. These are great places to start your renovation because you will get the most cash return on them at the time of resale. 

Be sure you’re not skimping on quality either. This is definitely one of the mistakes to avoid. Although you don’t have to use the highest or most expensive quality products, make sure the choices you do make will last. If they don’t, it will show! You don’t want to spend more by having to replace fixtures and materials after minimal use. 

Not Consulting Professionals

Even though you think you are pretty close to a professional and can finish an excellent home renovation yourself, don’t take on more than you can handle. We know the DIY tv shows make it look so easy! After watching a couple of episodes of your favorite home makeover show, you can fall into the trap of believing you can run to home depot and get everything you need to redo your entire kitchen floor over the weekend.

Although doing projects yourself seems like it can save you money at first, not consulting a professional may end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. Think of the changes you may need to make, the cost of having a professional fix something you’ve tried to do yourself, or buying unnecessary equipment and materials. We aren’t even talking about the time you may waste attempting to do it yourself, either.

Talking with a general contractor as well as an interior designer might surprise you. Although you do pay for their services, you also get to continue living your life without working on your home remodeling every night and weekend for the next eight months or more.

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