How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color

Few things can change a space as much as the wall’s colors. A room feels completely different after changing its color scheme. At Tandem Contracting, we completely understand this, and we’re thrilled to offer our painting and wallpaper services to our customers! 

There are an overwhelming amount of interior house paint colors to choose from. For example, if you know you want a yellow accent wall, that’s a fantastic jumping off point, but we have a selection of over 50 shades of yellow paints to choose from. Let us help you choose the specific shade! 

If you’re completely unsure of what color you want, that’s absolutely fine! Knowing you want a change is enough for the team at Tandem Contracting to come and assist you. We’ll provide in depth color consultations to help you choose the paint color that will serve your home’s needs best. 

We are constantly staying up to date on the latest color trends and understand interior design, so we are more than willing to help at every step of the way, from helping you choose a color to assisting you in visualizing your dream for your home. 

How Do I Choose a Color?

You might be tempted to automatically go with your favorite color, which may or may not work, depending on your space. That’s where we come in to help consult!

Before you start deciding what color paint you want, take a moment to consider the functionality of the room you’ll be having painted. Is it a living room where you relax and unwind? Is it a home office where you get work done? Maybe it’s a bedroom where you want to be able to quickly fall into a restful sleep. 

Did you know that different colors can evoke completely different feelings? Red can suggest passion or anger. Yellow connotes tranquility. Blue can give off a calming, peaceful vibe; purple is associated with increased creativity. We take this into consideration when consulting with you. 

Once we know the functionality of your space, we’ll consider the dimensions of the room. Walls painted with light colors can expand the room, making it seem larger and more open. On the other side of that equation, walls painted darker colors can make a space seem smaller. 

We will also need to determine the room’s lighting. Are there windows that illuminate the room with natural light? Do you have chandeliers providing light? Maybe you utilize stand up fixtures to light the space. Specific types of lighting work better with specific colors, so we’ll also be sure to take that into account. 

Each type of lighting will have different shadows, which we will factor into our color consultation. Consider this: a six foot tall standing light fixture will already cast shadows onto the wall it’s against, so imagine what that would look like if you went with a trendy grey wall. It would look immensely darker, and probably even too dark. 

Once we’ve taken your space’s functionality and lighting into consideration, we’ll start by making some recommendations off of the color wheel. But it doesn’t stop there!  

We can mutually agree that blue walls will serve your space well, but we have an abundance of shades of blue available. This is where we get into the minutiae of choosing the specific shade that will work best within your space. Tandem Contracting has experience and specific tricks that leave us certain we’ve picked the perfect shade!

Working Off Your Current Color Scheme

Wanting to paint a room doesn’t necessarily mean you want to completely redesign it. There’s no reason to have to buy new furniture to accentuate your new wall color. Instead, we can work in reverse order, and start by looking at your furniture. 

What’s the largest feature in the room? Is there a huge couch dominating the space? Maybe you have a large rug that sits on your floor. We can determine your room’s focal point and match complementary shades to it. 

If you have a lavender sofa that takes up the room, you might be inclined to choose a similarly lavender shade of paint, but that’s probably not your best option. A color theme does not mean that everything must be that exact color. Instead, it means that all of the colors should work together and seem cohesive. We’d probably recommend a shade of light grey paint to accentuate the sofa; something like shale or sea froth would work well. 

Accent Walls

Every wall in the room does not need to be the same space! In fact, choosing multiple colors is a great way to liven up the space. 

Does your room have a small nook or windowsill? Instead of simply painting that the same color as the rest of room, consider using it as an accent wall. 

For example, if you’ve decided to paint your living room a light color (like Deep in Thought) why not choose a color to make your windowsill really pop? A darker interior paint color (like Patriot Blue or Midnight Navy) for the windowsill’s wall would not only make the space seem more vibrant and larger, but it would contrast the light coming from the windows perfectly. 

Accent colors are not reserved exclusively for small nooks and crannies; any wall can become an accent wall! You can decide to make two parallel walls a vibrant red (Like Flamenco), and the other two walls an off-white shade (like Linen White). This contrast will work excellently, and really make your room stand out as unique and vivid!

If you decide to make an accent wall, a great way to make it pop even more is by getting accessories that match the accented wall. Including pillows or blankets that closely match your accented wall can be the final element that makes your space look professionally decorated. 

Go with Tandem Contracting for all of your painting needs. We work with top quality Benjamin Moore products that guarantee success every time, and our decades of experience have left us confident in our abilities. Whether you need help picking the perfect shade or you’re looking to have the walls repainted, the team at Tandem is here to help. We believe painting is about the entire experience and not just “two coats.” Get in touch with Tandem to start the painting process today!

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