How to Know When You Need A Deck Replacement

Your deck takes a beating during the long hot summers and cold winters. It lives through the harshest weather conditions, which can really take a toll on the look and feel of your deck. Insects can also do their part to break it down slowly. But how do you know if you need a total deck replacement or if it can just be repaired? 

5 Critical Signs Your Deck Should be Replaced

Your deck is a part of the outdoor space that you love and want to enjoy. If you notice problems with your deck each time you use it, it might be time for a little TLC or maybe more. Let’s take a look at five of the things that you can look for to decide if it’s time to consider a deck replacement.

Unstable Railings

Have you ever been on a deck and leaned against some very loose railings? That’s not the best feeling! Unstable bars can come from the railings themselves or the main support framework of your deck. Make sure to pay special attention to the handrails near the stairs as well. Unstable railings in this area can be especially dangerous because a large amount of weight will be put on them as people move up and down the stairway. If you notice your railings leaning or swaying when touched, this is a considerable safety hazard. 

Take a look at where your deck railings attach to your main deck to see if there is damaged wood. If so, this could be a sign that you need an entire deck replacement, not just a railing repair.

Rotten Wood

Rotted wood is an almost guaranteed need for some serious deck maintenance and probably deck replacement. Maybe only some of your deck has rotted, and you can replace those boards. If you are noticing some primary structural damage, your support beams may have been rotted out, and you are probably looking at a full deck replacement or at least a very large repair. 

You can check for rotted wood by simply walking around your deck and using a screwdriver to tap and poke at areas you have noticed sitting water or warped wood. If these spots feel soft or sound different than the other parts of your deck (possibly a little mushy), then you have rotten wood, and it’s time to replace parts of the deck, if not all of it. This may also be a perfect time to upgrade to Trex!

Cracked Floorboards

Have you noticed that when you walk on your deck floor that it doesn’t feel nearly as good as it did initially? Are your kids getting more splinters than they used to? This is a sure-fire sign that a deck replacement could be in your near future.

Even when you have been sure to make deck maintenance a priority, wood decking eventually ages naturally and needs replacement. 

You can, of course, repair your deck if there are only a few cracked or warped floorboards, but if you are noticing that most of your deck boards aren’t holding up anymore, it’s probably time to think more towards a deck replacement.

Loose Floorboards 

Any movement of your deck is a warning that something is not quite right. A loose floorboard can be a quick fix, but if you’re becoming aware that your entire deck feels a bit shaky, you’ll probably be looking into a deck replacement. Investigate the problem quickly when it arises, and you can avoid something small turning into something extensive and costly. 

Rusted Hardware

If you’re noticing rusted hardware or other rusted fixtures, it could mean that your deck is getting a bit older. Your deck is being held together with those rusted nails, screws, and bolts. This can be really dangerous! Replacing the rusted hardware is an option, but if they have been rusted for a long time, you may need to do more than replace a few old screws or nails. 

Benefits of a Deck Replacement

When facing the daunting task of replacing your deck, you might be wondering if it’s really worth it. Think back to when your deck was new. You loved relaxing on it and throwing parties in your backyard to show it off. You can get that back! 

Another benefit of replacing your deck is you can look at the newer material that is offered now. If you’re fed up with the yearly maintenance of a wood deck, you have the option to consider a composite deck (Trex decking) or PVC decking alternative that offers low maintenance solutions. Some other benefits include:

Improve Safety

The safety of your family and friends is the top priority. Your deck replacement can bring peace of mind that they are all safe while enjoying your deck and yard. You won’t need to worry about the loose floorboards or wobbly railings. The surface of your deck will be free of splinters or tripping hazards. There is much that can be appreciated in the safety department!

Adds to the Appeal of Your Home

Get ready to entertain close friends and family or the whole neighborhood with your new deck. You will find that not only you and your family are excited to use your new deck, but all of your friends and family will be ready to relax and enjoy it with you. You will not regret your deck replacement decision.

Boosts Value of Your Home

If you’re looking to boost your home’s value, building a new deck is a great option! People are sure to be drawn to a house with a beautiful outdoor space that becomes an extension of their indoor space. You can’t go wrong by adding to the appeal of your home for future homebuyers or simply for adding to the value of your home for your own use.

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