Can You Put a Toilet Anywhere in Your House?

You may have had to do a double-take when reading the title of this article, but yes, we’re here to talk about the possibility of installing a toilet anywhere in your house. Why is this necessary? Maybe you want to be different! Who says that your toilet can’t go in the closets where the coats should be? It’s your house, and it’s your right to know where you can and can’t place a toilet!

On a serious note, it is absolutely possible to install a toilet, even a bathroom as a matter of fact, anywhere in your house. In the past, many homeowners have had the idea of their dream bathroom crushed because the location was simply too far away from the main drain. This happens in locations like the basement, where a major plumbing overhaul would need to take place in order for it to work. At that point, it becomes too much money and too much of a hassle. Nowadays, homeowners have newer options that weren’t given to them in the past: macerating toilets and sewage ejector pumps.

What are macerating toilets and sewage ejector pumps?

When you flush a normal toilet, it sends the waste through a trap, into a waste line and onto the mainline where it travels to the sewer or septic tank. The drain line on a normal toilet is below the level of it, so gravity pulls the contents of the waste line into it.

Macerating toilets send the waste to a macerating unit located behind the toilet or in the wall. High-powered blades then liquefy the waste, sending it out of the unit through a normal pipe that is tied to the main drain line. Unfortunately, macerating toilets are more expensive than regular ones, but it’s far easier to connect a small-diameter pipe to an existing system rather than redoing the entire bathroom. It’s also much cheaper, too.

For those who believe they are out of luck because their toilet location is below the main drain, don’t worry, we have a solution for you too. Because waste doesn’t need to be liquefied for easier transport through the small-diameter pipe, you can install a sewage ejector pump. There’s no transport involved at all; it just needs to get into the main drain. While they are similar to other pumps, they can do something that others can’t: pass solids. The pump sits in a sealed sump pit basin, where everything is discharged. The float switch normally controls the entire operation, turning the pump on once the water in the basin reaches a certain level.

So, if you had always dreamed about installing that toilet in the basement or in the garage so you didn’t have to run all the way upstairs to do your business, you are finally in luck. Keep in mind that these bathrooms, if maintained and installed properly, can last for a long time.

Can you install a toilet under the stairs?

Just when you thought the garage or basement was an outlandish spot for a toilet, your mind is about to be blown. Not only can you install a toilet under the stairs, but it is becoming more common every single day and it can actually increase the value of your home.

These toilets are both convenient and accessible. Like mentioned before, trying to install a toilet the old-fashioned way is going to get you into a heap of trouble, so using a macerating toilet or sewage ejector system will save you from running into any problems. For example, if you use the macerating toilet Saniflo, you don’t need access to an outflow pipe or soil stack that conventional plumbing demands, according to their website. The unit can be attached to a pipe as small as one inch because the macerating unit churns the waste from the toilet into a liquid effluent that can be easily pumped through these tiny pipes.

Pros and cons of a macerating toilet

When you are in the market for a macerating toilet because your plumbing system does not have a downward drainage facility, it’s important to understand the benefits and downfalls before you spend your money. Don’t worry, the benefits of this project greatly outweigh the negatives. Unfortunately, nothing is ever perfect, but it doesn’t take away from how great this product can be.


  • The biggest benefit that you receive when you purchase a macerating toilet is that they can be installed anywhere in the house whether you have a traditional plumbing or drainage system or not.
  • These toilets are great alternatives for areas that were never intended to have a toilet. When you have kids, need that extra bathroom and have an empty space under the stairs, the attic, basement, etc. it’s a great option that can help a parent out immensely.
  • Macerating toilets are portable. Yes, you literally have your own port-a-potty (much cleaner, obviously) within the confines of your home. Say you decide to update your basement and realize the macerating toilet would be better suited upstairs, only four screws need to be removed and the toilet can be reinstalled.
  • For those that are elderly or have special needs and have trouble traveling up or down the stairs, these easy-to-install and use toilets provide a great option for families who need it.
  • Worried about the time it’s going to take to get this thing in the ground? Don’t. The installation time is nothing compared to conventional toilets. The best part is that the installation requires essentially no breaking and digging.


  • Unfortunately, these toilets can get noisy at times because of their separate pumps and macerating systems.

When you compare the advantages and disadvantages of installing these toilets, the decision is pretty easy. Why go to all of the trouble of having to do a major plumbing overhaul and waiting for a toilet and the lines to be put into place when you save time and money by adding a macerating toilet to your home. Not only are you making your life easier, but the rest of your family and wallet will be thanking you later.

Other quick things to consider

While the project itself is cost-effective, you have to remember that there are other factors involved besides the toilet. You’re going to need to figure out building materials for new walls so that your bathroom looks complete.

You’re more than likely not going to have the option of building a window inside the bathroom, so you need to consider the lighting requirements of your new space and the wiring that may be required. Finally, an exterior wall gives you the ability to install a vent.

A do-it-yourself in this instance would probably be a mistake because it’s a project that one, especially if they aren’t a professional, shouldn’t tackle alone. Remember, a bathroom like this can do really help improve the value of their home, which is why it’s essential that you only hire professionals with years of experience in bathroom renovations.

A professional contractor will give you advice and explain the best way to approach your project. Whether you want the toilet under the stairs, in the basement, or in the garage, your contractor will walk you through the steps to make sure your dream becomes a reality. That’s why you reach out to professional bathroom remodelers to get the job done right.

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