What to Consider When Remodeling a Bathroom

Several variables go into calculating a bathroom remodel cost. It can be overwhelming to make the calls and break down the budget you are willing to put into your bathroom. Do you want to change the layout, open up the space, move the toilet, invest in a clawfoot tub? Where do you even start? Don’t hesitate any longer, and let’s break it down together. 

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

The average person in 2020 spent around $20,000 on their bathroom remodel. The price varies greatly from project to project. Let’s consider some of the upgrades that are options in remodeling a bathroom. There are so many possibilities, and there are mid-range up to high-end options within each upgrade category. 

  • Expanding the Space: If your bathroom is too small, you may want to make it bigger. This can include knocking down walls and choosing to include a powder room space and cabinets for storage. You spend many hours per day in your bathroom. It should not be the tiniest room in your home. 
  • Double Vanity: If you want to upgrade your counter and install a double vanity, then this will be a factor in the cost. If you choose a granite countertop with dripping faucet sinks and the highest upgrades available, then the price will be even higher. If a double vanity is important to you, then budget it into your bathroom remodel cost. 
  • Toilet Room: Do you want to move your toilet into its own room, where you can shut the door? Then there will be price considerations for building the walls and creating a door frame. Then you’ve got the actual toilet to pick out and the standard toilet vs. a toilet that has seat warmers and automatic flushes. The possibilities are endless! But if this is something you’ve thought about often, don’t let the hassle dissuade you. 
  • Soaking Tub: When you consider a bathroom remodel cost, don’t forget to consider the tub. Many people want their bathroom to be an escape. Almost every person pictures a big bubble bath with candles glowing all around and a good book to read. There’s nothing that says escape more than that. When we’re talking about deep, soaking tubs, you can find a mid-range style for $3-5,000, or you can go luxury and spend $9,000+. 
  • Luxury Shower: The modern showers are walk-in, double showerhead, rainwater fixtures, sometimes without doors. The tub and shower are usually separate. Shower tile trends are light-colored or white with straight, clean lines. If you are looking to save money, then there are mid-range options available with these modern designs. You may choose standard options for tile, and you can select luxury options for the showerheads and hardware features that really matter to you.  
  • Plumbing Fixtures: The hardware and plumbing fixtures will all be included in your bathroom remodel cost. These will provide the finishing touches for your overall design. You want to represent your aesthetic while still sticking to your budget. If brushed metal is the style of your dreams, then find the right hardware that fits your flair. 
  • Custom Cabinetry: Every bathroom has a limited amount of open space that you should utilize. You will need to invest in custom cabinetry if you would like to maximize that space. Having the extra storage in your bathroom can provide room for towels, toilet paper, and toiletries that otherwise would crowd the open space on your counters. Clean countertops are critical to avoid the look of clutter in your bathroom and make your space inviting. And making that space available in a hall closet for decorations or games is something you will never regret. 
  • Natural Stone: If you are creating a particular aesthetic in your bathroom, then you can look into natural stone vs. tile. This will provide an earthy look that is warm and unique. It will also make a price difference. Be sure to look through pictures, visit model bathrooms, and do your research before deciding based on price alone. 

These are just some of the factors that can go into the immense variations in bathroom remodel costs. If you are remodeling a full, large master bathroom with some upgrades, you could easily spend between $28,000-$40,000 for your remodel. While that price tag may be initially shocking, think of how much time you spend in your master bathroom. If there ever was a time to splurge, it is in your master bathroom and creating your personal oasis. 

Pricing Factors for Bathroom Remodels

Now that we’ve broken down the varying upgrades and layouts that you may want in your bathroom remodel, we are going to look into other factors that affect the price. The cost to remodel a bathroom depends on more than just the bathroom design. You have decisions to make between acquiring parts and doing the remodel yourself or paying for labor. 

What the Remodel Entails

Take time to consider what needs to happen logistically with your remodel. Will you need to reroute plumbing and electrical? Is your toilet going to move all the way to the other side of the bathroom? Maybe your sinks and fixtures are in great condition, and you wish to save them while replacing the countertops and mirrors. Layout your full wishlist, and then make a list and prioritize your desires in order to fit your budget. 

The Existing Bathroom Condition

If your bathroom is decades old, there may be some structural and plumbing issues that need to meet code. Building codes change over the years, and every time you do a construction project, you need to be sure it’s done correctly. Meet with a professional to review the current building codes and how your project can meet the requirements. Also, take a look at aspects of your bathroom that you can keep or refurbish to fit with the new design. If your shower door is in great shape and fits the aesthetic, then save it to use in your remodel. 

Materials and Labor

You may look at a bathroom remodel cost and consider doing some of the work yourself. It can save a lot of money to do a remodel by yourself if you know what you are doing. While this may make sense with some aspects of the project, there are some things to take into account:

  • Contractors know which permits to get. Anytime you embark on a construction project, you will need a permit. This permit is vital in order for the space to be considered in your final square footage and for you to ultimately get your return on investment. 
  • Professionals have the right tools and safety procedures to get your project done efficiently and carefully. Many DIY homeowners run into setbacks during the construction process. This can include personal injury from heavy lifting, falling objects, or electrocution. This can also involve breaking a pipe or putting a hole in a wall by accident. When you hire a contractor, they will have the tools and experience to avoid such mishaps. 
  • Contractors have industry connections and can acquire materials way below the average cost. While you think you might save money picking up the cabinets or bathtub yourself and installing it, don’t miss the fact that contractors can get that same bathtub for way below the price at the local Home Depot. 
  • Contractors will know how to ensure everything to be in line with current building codes, including electricity, plumbing, and modern energy-efficiency upgrades. Do not skip over modern upgrades that will save you money in the long run and set your house apart. 

There are some areas where you can save on labor costs. In the long run, it will benefit you to hire a professional or at least consult with an expert when doing a bathroom remodel. 

Average Bathroom Remodel Costs in 2020

When doing bathroom remodel cost research, you can look at each aspect of a bathroom remodel and the average prices available to the consumer, including installation. As an estimated  guideline, here are the price breakdowns for materials and labor: 

  • Flooring: $500-$3,000 This depends on if you choose tile or hardwood flooring or wood-looking tile. Choosing small, intricate tiles can drive up the installation cost. 
  • Toilets/Sink: $500-$3,600 Your particular design will lead you toward the right sinks and toilet for your bathroom. Large sinks with water flow faucets may be a priority, while the toilet may not matter to you. 
  • Shower: $600-$6,000 When it comes to a master bathroom remodel, it seems like showers are the big show stoppers right now. Be sure to choose the shower style that fits your needs while still honoring your new bathroom’s design flow. 
  • Lighting: $250-$1,000 One of the simplest ways to upgrade your bathroom from old to fresh is by replacing the light fixtures. This can be relatively inexpensive, with huge paybacks. 
  • Countertops: $500-$2,500 This will depend on the size of the counter space and the custom installation around your sinks. 
  • Bathroom Vanity and Cabinetry: $600-$8,000 If you want a luxurious vanity space with movie star lights lining the mirror, plan to spend on the high end. There are so many ways to express your style through this bathroom detail. 
  • Plumbing and Faucets: $500-$3,000 For your remodel, if you leave the sinks, tub, and toilet all in the same place, then your plumbing will be a low cost. If you need to reroute plumbing, then that will increase your plumbing cost. 
  • Doors and Windows: $500-$3,600 This cost can vary if you want a double door, dramatic entry to your bathroom space. Or you may want a large window that lets in maximum natural light during the day. 

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in NJ

As you consider all of these factors of a bathroom remodel cost, don’t feel overwhelmed.  You can remodel your bathroom on your timeline and your budget. If you want it done quickly and painlessly, then order a professional team to come in and get it done. If you need to save up and remodel little by little, meet with a team to see what to lump together to save money and what can be saved for later. 

Here at Tandem Contracting, we can help plan out your bathroom remodel cost. If your bathroom requires a total remodel, we can handle it all. If you have a budget you want to stick to and need to pick and choose specific projects, we can help you prioritize and stick to your budget. Please schedule an appointment with us today to discuss your bathroom remodel needs. 

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