9 Amazing Color Schemes for Your Kitchen

Whether you’re into bold or plain colors, one thing remains a fact: the kitchen is one of the most important places in the house and it sets the tone for the rest of your home. It doesn’t matter if you like white, yellow, red, blue or turquoise, each of these shades of color can do something different for the kitchen.


There is no need to get caught up in the hottest trends that will die out within the next few months. The kitchen is the place where you can show off your personality while creating a welcoming environment that your guests want to be in. With these 9 amazing color schemes, you can have the hottest kitchen in the neighborhood without making your home look tacky and outdated.


1. Classic Blues and Greys

There is absolutely nothing better and more simple than the classic blue and grey look for your kitchen. The timeless combination has been around for generations and it’s looking like it may never disappear. The best part about deciding to go with blues and greys is that the various shades of both colors complement each other well, leaving the homeowner with dozens of options to choose from.


Whether you paint the cabinets a light grey and the walls a dark blue or the cabinets light blue and the walls dark grey, you truly cannot go wrong with this scheme.  


2. Black, Tropical Sea, and Daisy White

Who says the kitchen needs to be eccentric? This cozy color scheme will have guests and homeowners alike feeling relaxed as if they were at the beach. The combination of a rustic and modern look gives it an extremely enticing appeal, and it’s difficult to believe that only three colors could make a kitchen pop like these do.


Your best bet with this combination is to go with solid black cabinetry, a tropical sea island and the walls finished with the vibrant daisy white. This scheme ideally would look the best in kitchens with an open layout.


3. Cherry Red and Moss Green

There’s just something about the color red and green together, and that truly shows when you combine cherry red, a shade of red that pops the instant you see it, with moss green, a seldom-used shade of green that features a hint of yellow mixed in.

This color combination takes a step back from the traditional kitchen and allows the homeowner to truly get creative. Ideally, the cherry red cabinetry and moss green walls go best with wooden floors, wooden windows, and a wooden island. However, because the combination is so unconventional, the homeowner can play around with it regardless of the style of kitchen and still be happy with it in the end.


4. Orange and Purple

You may have had to do a double take when reading that combo, but yes, orange and purple go together extremely well and can provide you with a kitchen that is everything you wanted and more. The walls are burnt orange, filling the room with warmth, which is a perfect place for the family to hang out and talk or have game night. A lighter shade of purple for the cabinetry prevents the kitchen from being gaudy.


Both colors don’t overdo it, and if you add it to a kitchen that features white tilework, you’ll have a space that gives off a comforting vibe that won’t strain your eyes.


5. Chartreuse, White, and Wood

While not everyone has heard of the color chartreuse, once you see it in the kitchen for the first time, you’re going to wish you had it before anyone else. To put it simply, the color chartreuse is exactly between the colors green and yellow. It’s 50 percent green, 50 percent yellow.


What’s great about this combination is that you aren’t restricted in any way, shape or form. If you’re a lover of green, several shades of green can be added to the kitchen that compliments chartreuse very well. Adding white to the ceiling, trim, cabinetry and countertops help play a major role in allowing the kitchen to feel light and bright.


Where you can have fun with it is the floor tiles and barstools, where you can essentially choose any color as long as it’s consistent so that the room stays coordinated. Adding in colorful plates, dishes, cups, etc., as well as wood shelving, turns it from a single-colored kitchen to an explosion of colors.


6. All-White

You knew that the all-white option was going to appear, and even though it’s not as popular as it used to be, it still has an appeal that can’t be denied.  When you mix together matte white cabinets, a cooler white color on the walls and glossy white tiles, you not only have a kitchen that pops, but you can truly add anything to it and it’d compliment it perfectly.


Adding a wood center island definitely serves as the warm focal point of the room, but adding a touch of turquoise, red, grey, black, green and silver can help enhance an already distinguished kitchen. An all-white kitchen is already powerful itself, but you can continue to enhance it by spicing it up if you ever want to try something different.


7. Fern Green, Pale Canary Yellow, Daisy White, and Tiger Orange

While many of the options listed have been laid back, casual and relaxing, this color scheme is for those who want eyes to burst with color whenever they, or someone else, walk into the kitchen. It features fern green cabinetry, which is a shade of green not as dark as regular green, but it’s vibrancy still catches the eye when it’s present.


Pale canary yellow isn’t as bright as its parent color, yet it’s dark, mustard-like color is a good partner for the fern green and dark tiger orange because of its accent and contrast. Adding a daisy white countertop and island bring the kitchen completely together, evening out the vibrant colors.


8. Eggnog, White, Black, Putty, Caramel Brown and Pecan Brown

There isn’t a color scheme on this list, besides this one, that checks off all three boxes of a beautiful kitchen: bright, calm and charming. Plain white cabinetry makes the kitchen burst, and the soft eggnog color as the main backdrop brings a calm aura to the room. Right off the bat, you have two basic colors that set the tone for the room.


When you add in the black and putty patterned countertop and caramel and pecan brown hardwood floors, you have rich floors along with a detailed countertop that adds the charm to the bright and calm. This kitchen truly shows the beauty of plain and how six simple colors can come together to create a space that every family member and neighbor will be jealous of.


9. Lemon Grass, Cloud, Soybean, and Charade

Blue and green provide homeowners with the ultimate earthy color scheme. Not only is it earthy, but it promotes relaxation and creativity that truly goes well with any kitchen design. The light lemongrass shade, along with the dark charade blue, creates a cozy look for the kitchen that will make guests comfortable at all times.


The tan-like soybean cabinetry and the cloud-colored island, which is a mix of white with a hint of grey, adds to the relaxed vibe that the kitchen gives off. Each and every one of the four colors compliment each other perfectly in this kitchen that is both comfortable and sophisticated.


With the right combination of colors, cabinetry, and tiling, a top-of-the-line contractor can create a breathtaking kitchen that everyone will be jealous of. A major renovation of this magnitude should be handled by the experts, which is why you should give Tandem Contracting a call. We can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

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