5 Benefits of Remodeling Your Bathroom

Have you finally become so sick of your broken bathroom tile countertop or light pink tub and toilet that you are ready to hurl it all out the window? Does your bathroom make you want to cry when you see it each morning? 

Your home takes on wear and tear of all kinds. Your bathroom is one of those areas where this can really be seen. It may be time to come to terms with a bathroom remodel. Although a bathroom remodel sounds big, it can be done in just a few short weeks. 

When thinking about your bathroom space and the possible updates that may be needed, it’s important to think about the purpose of that space. If it’s the master bathroom that you are looking to reno, think about what you do in that room. It’s where you go when you first get up in the morning to get ready and the last place you go before retiring to bed. 

A guest bath in your main living area has a very different purpose. This is where guests and visitors can come to use the restroom and feel comfortable and safe while doing so. No one will be spending large amounts of time in this space like the master bath, and so you may have different needs and requirements, but you definitely still want it to look amazing!

There are several reasons you might want to update your bathroom. Our list will really get you thinking of all the advantages a bathroom remodel can bring you! Let’s take a look at 5 benefits you will see as a result of remodeling your bathroom.

1) Updated Look and Feel

Even though a bathroom renovation is a relatively small project, it can give your home an updated look and feel that you never imagined. As you know, styles and fashions change over time, and your bathroom remodel can do the same. Just think of getting ready in a new space that fits your updated style and taste. It’s a space you feel comfortable in, and the confidence you gather while putting those finishing touches on before leaving to work puts a spring in your step.

Consider hiring a bathroom designer before beginning your bathroom renovation. A designer can help you make the most of your space and bring up ideas that you wouldn’t realize. It’s their job to know bathrooms, so let them share their expertise to help bring the perfect updated look and feel you desire.

2) Add More Space

Does your current bathroom design waste space or not make sense? Maybe you simply need a larger bathroom. These are both great reasons for a bathroom remodel. 

There are so many inspiring designs and options available these days for your bathroom. It’s also very common to see much larger bathrooms today compared to in the past. Bringing an old, outdated bathroom up to speed with all the modern touches is fun, but adding more space can be essential.

Additional space can give you things like a bathtub AND shower where before you only had one. Maybe you need more storage space to hide all your toiletries and bathroom towels. What about an area dedicated to the toilet? Perhaps a space to sit down and apply your makeup? There are so many possibilities with added bathroom space. If you have the ability to add more space to your bathroom, it may be something you’ll want to consider.

3) Increase the Value of Your Home

If you do it right and stay with an updated look and feel while renovating your bathroom, you’ll find that if or when you go to sell your home or even refinance, the value of your home will most certainly be increased. 

Your return on investment will be two-fold. You will be gaining a relaxing, beautiful new bathroom to enjoy now, and the real estate market will be much more friendly if the time comes to sell later on. 

Just imagine walking through different homes as you go to buy. Would you choose the house with the beautifully renovated bathroom(s) or the ones that still need to be updated? Bathroom renovations usually have a high return on investment which you will come to appreciate. After all, attracting those homebuyers in a competitive market is a must. 

4) Reduce Clutter

Adding storage space in your bathroom remodel design will not only reduce clutter but make your bathroom space feel much more calming and relaxing. If you have a small bathroom, it’s even more important to reduce clutter. 

Think about how the clutter has increased throughout your home as you’ve aged. It started with just you and your things. You then added your spouse and children, possibly many children. Of course, you’re going to have a need for more storage to reduce that constant clutter. Don’t forget this vital element.

Choose decorations and bathroom fixtures that serve a purpose in your bathroom. When you have too many “things” on your countertops, the clutter is easily felt. Consider adding over the toilet cabinetry or minimize the number of products you have stored under your sink space to reduce the apparent clutter to be seen. 

You may have many remodel ideas or are excited to get your home decorated with that updated feel, but remember, less is more, especially in small spaces.

5) A More Efficient Home

There are so many new ways to make your bathroom remodel even better by using more efficient, eco-friendly materials and fixtures. By replacing those old leaky faucets, installing more efficient toilets and showerheads to control the flow of water, you’ll be saving quite a bit on utility costs. You will even find a few tax credits or rebates available for switching to more efficient products as well. 

Another way your new bathroom remodel can lead to a more efficient home now and not just in the future is that you and your family will most likely operate more efficiently. Maybe you’ll be adding a double vanity that can minimize the bumping around you normally do, fighting for a sink with your spouse. Or perhaps you’ll be able to find things faster as you get ready in the morning due to your new storage additions. 

Not only is the bathroom configuration needing to change to make it more user-friendly and efficient for the user, but safety concerns arise as well. A need that is often seen with a bathroom remodel is creating a safe space for a parent or other family member that uses a wheelchair or walker. An accessible bathroom can show how much you care about visitors and the aging adults in your home. 

Whatever it is, you’ll be able to see and feel the efficiency for you and your family immediately. Circumstances change, and your home can change with those needs.

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