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New Addition Renovation

So many people are choosing to renovate their homes right now. Homes that were just the right square foot for a family a year ago have quickly become too small. With many people working from home, exercising from home, and schooling from home, extra space is desired more than ever. It’s important to learn what to expect with your home remodel or addition project.

Are you thinking about a home remodel or addition in New Jersey? Take a look at some of these insider tips from experts in the industry to help you know what to expect before starting your home improvement project. 

It’s vital that you are educated on the ins and outs of a home remodel or addition in New Jersey before signing up with general contractors. A great advantage to adding an addition is that your home’s value will increase. With an existing structure in a great neighborhood as the starting point, your square footage will automatically increase with a home addition. This will bring your overall sale price up when it’s time to list your home down the road. 

Many people are struggling with the space inside their home right now and are not wanting to move completely. A home addition is an excellent solution to that problem. Some frequently chosen additions include a home office or a two-story addition with an owner’s suite upstairs and a living room on the main level. These additions will result in the convenience and comfort that you are seeking inside your current home. 

When planning for a home addition in New Jersey, it is better to be over-prepared. Expect setbacks, scheduling challenges, and budget increases along the way. When you step back and look at the overall purpose –much-needed office space, a home gym, or extra bedroom, then your focus will stay on what’s important. 

Now is the time more than any to start on a home addition project. While many people are home during the pandemic, you have people at the house during all hours of the day to check in on the team. You may find yourself with extra savings from gas and travel that is sensible to invest back in the place you’re spending all your time. 

When it comes to a home addition in New Jersey, you have nothing to worry about when choosing the right contracting team. At Tandem Contracting, you can trust that your project will be done right. Our expert team has all the equipment and experience to bring your vision to reality. Do not hesitate to set up a consultation today

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