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Hiring an electrician that won’t charge an arm and a leg to change out switches and plugs during a project can be a challenge. Electricians are highly skilled individuals that get paid handsomely for their trade. Tandem takes the guessing out of electric work and will handle everything from changing out wall sockets to installing new wiring for lighting in a ceiling. Get in contact with Tandem today to begin the process!

We have a licensed electrician at the ready for all of your projects electrical needs. We take pride in our efficiency and on site safety. Quick fixes or full lighting upgrades, make Tandem your first and only call!


Heating and Air Conditioning are commonly part of our projects. If you have an air vent in the room you are planning to renovate or if you are looking to get better control of the climate of the room, Tandem’s HVAC expertise will come in handy. Having a licensed HVAC professional will leave you feeling relieved that you call Tandem to handle your project.

Roofing / Siding

Roof leaking? Time for a new roof? There’s Tandem for that! Tandem is proud to have added a licensed roofer to the team. Roofing might be one of the most nerve wracking investments a homeowner has to make. It is typically an expensive project and there are so many options to think about and choose from. Let Tandem walk you through this big decision and help you to complete your roof on-time and on-budget.

Landscaping / Hardscaping

Landscaping and Hardscaping are not something you hear a contractor offer every day. Tandem focuses on leaving every job site in better condition than we left it. Our landscaping professional will repair the area around a newly installed deck or shed, and can even build retaining walls to ensure the structural soundness of your property. Ask us about our services when you call for your next job and we will be happy to talk you through your landscaping options!


Kitchens, Bathrooms, Basements… All great rooms to have renovated and updated, and all will require some sort of plumbing component at some point during the project. Tandem Contracting goes the extra mile in making the lives of our clients easier by providing plumbing services as part of our service offering. We know how difficult it can be to manage the timeline of an outside plumber, electrician, painter, etc… That is why you hire a professional to take the stress out of your project so you can focus on the things that matter, such as picking out the decor for your new bathroom, or deciding what color floors you want in your beautiful new kitchen.

We have a licensed plumber at the ready for all of your projects plumbing needs. Water softeners, new faucets, hose spickets and everything in between, hire a contractor who has the knowledge and experience to give you peace of mind.

Painting / Wallpaper 

Painting your home is a more involved process than you might remember. Whether it’s interior painting or exterior painting, it’s a big job that you probably shouldn’t tackle yourself. Tandem Painting, a branch of Tandem Contracting, offers full service painting that exceeds customers expectations throughout the New Jersey area. Whether you’re looking to have your walls repainted, your kitchen cabinets refinished, or your wall[paper hung removed/installed, the team at Tandem has you covered!

Wallpaper can not only give any room a unique style that’s impossible to replicate, but it’s making a comeback in the world of interior design. With the ability to last upwards of 15 years and a seemingly endless array of patterns to choose from, there are plenty of reasons to go with wallpaper instead of paint.

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