Instead of Going Out, Think about Going Up

The advantages that come from a second-story addition


When you first bought your home, it was probably pretty perfect for you. It was just the right size and had space and amenities you were looking for. Fast-forward several years, and it’s possible that your needs have changed. Perhaps you’ve welcomed a bundle of joy or two to your family, or maybe a parent or in-law is living with you. It could be that your once just-right home is now bursting at the seams.


In this situation, you have two options. The first is to move. And let’s face it: nobody likes to move. As you know from past experience, the entire process – finding a home, getting a mortgage, moving in – can be a huge ordeal. Not to mention, it’s costly and time-consuming. The other choice you have is to build an addition to your home. This can give you the extra space you need while letting you stay where you are. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to build outward; it may actually make the most sense to go up.


Why should you consider adding another level to your home?


There are many reasons to consider another story as opposed to an extra ground-floor wing, such as:


It’s less expensive


Aside from being cheaper than moving, adding a second story to your home won’t cost you as much as a first-floor addition. This is because you don’t have to worry about having a new foundation built, which is typically one of the most expensive parts of a building project. When you go up, you’re using your home’s existing foundation. Another way you can save money is by avoiding any new roof work. In many cases, your roof can be taken off your house and reinstalled when the second level is finished.


There is no loss of yard space


One of the biggest downsides of a horizontal addition is that it results in losing precious yard space. This can sting the most when you don’t have a ton of acreage to begin with. But when you build up, you retain all of your yard space. If you have a garden or the kids have a play area or you just have some beautiful trees, you don’t have to worry about any of those things being affected.


It boosts your home’s value


While you may not have any plans to move, it is always a good idea to consider your home’s value and what you can do to increase it. Any square footage added to a house will raise its value, but because you’re not taking away any yard space with a second story, this can make your home worth even more.


There can now be a level for everyone


Bungalow living is fine, but it can be easy for people to intrude on one another in this setup. When you have an upper level, everyone can spread out and get a little more space. Plus, if you have a basement, you could have three levels to work with, which will come in very handy if you’re in a multi-generational home. You can also think about creating a separate entrance for your new story for the older family members or perhaps future teens.


You don’t have to go anywhere


It’s possible that you fell in love with your home’s location. It might be on a quiet street within walking distance of a park or school. Maybe you have friends or family in the neighborhood, or your workplace is just a few miles away. While finding a larger home probably wouldn’t be too difficult, think about all of the things you would lose if you moved. An addition will let you stay in the place you want to be.


You can redesign everything


When you decide to add a second story, this gives you an excellent opportunity to work on the first story. If you’ve always wanted higher ceilings, now you can raise them. Want to create an open floor plan? Have some walls removed? Once the top of your home comes off, you will never have a better chance to make some major changes. And if you’re in an older home that needs updates, you’ll want to make sure that the new level matches the old one, and this will probably mean replacing things like windows or siding.


If you’re looking to add some rooms or want to learn more about adding a second story to your home, get in touch with Tandem Contracting. We will gladly send one of our contractors out to examine your house and property and make recommendations for the best course of action. Call us at 973-864-3100 or send us a message through our online contact form.

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