Now that everyone around the world has spent the majority of 2020 inside their homes, people are leaning toward home addition trends with function and purpose in mind. If home improvement has been on your list for a while, now is the time to take action. It is invaluable to create a space of comfort and serenity as you are spending your time sleeping, working, eating, exercising, and relaxing all in that one space. 

It can seem the most practical to do renovations on your own. After all, it looks pretty easy on the design shows on TV. But some of the downsides to DIY home addition trends is that it can take much longer than expected. When you have a job and are only working on your remodeling in the evenings and weekends, then a 3-week project can turn into 3-months or more. All the while, everyone is home and trying to live comfortably in a space that is perpetually under construction. 

When you hire out for remodeling, you can get industry expert advice on home addition trends and be sure that your investment will be long-lasting and timeless. Our expert team will work all day long, meeting deadlines and taking care of licensing and procuring quality materials. Take a look at some trends for 2021.

Unique Accent Walls

One of the big home addition trends is an accent wall detail. An accent wall can act as a statement piece in the room. Whether you have a wallpaper with a bold design or a textured wall, this is the wow factor of the room that shows off your personality.  Your home design is specific to you, and adding an accent wall in the home office or a living room can transform the space and show off a piece of who you are.  

Some ideas for accent walls can include: 

  • Brick wall: Adding a brick wall is a popular home addition trend to add texture and depth to your living area. You can keep the natural look of the brick or stone or paint it white to keep the space light while adding the textured look. This may seem like an overwhelming project, but a contracting team can lay the brick. Hiring a team to paint will eliminate the tedious process of choosing the right paint for brick and deciding how many paint coats are needed. 
  • Bold colored wall: While neutral colors are still in style for painting walls and furniture, it is fun and adventurous to add one wall that brings an exciting twist to the room. A cobalt blue or a burnt orange can give your space the life it needs while keeping the neutral home addition trends in the remaining walls and furniture. At Tandem Contracting, we offer painting as one of our most commonly used services. You will find competitive pricing with impeccable results. 
  • Patterned wallpaper: If you are looking to make a daring statement with wallpaper, consider a wall with geometric shapes in black and white. Or lay a wallpaper with natural wood texturing and groove marks that may be as dramatic or as subtle as you choose. 
  • Wood paneling: The addition of wood slats along a wall adds dimension to a standard room. Even if the wall with the wainscotting is painted the same color as the rest of the room, it still makes quite the impression. This is also a simple way to divide a wall in half, which is one of the emerging home addition trends. You can have the top half of the wall painted a light color, while a darker color is painted on the bottom half of the wall. If you paint the bottom half over some wood paneling, it helps to cut the wall in half and get the clean line. 

It’s possible that some of these upgrades may sound overwhelming, and it could be tempting to skip a beloved home addition trend because it seems too difficult. With Tandem Contracting, you don’t have to settle. Our team offers painting, textured walls, and wallpaper installation. If you are looking into remodeling, do it right the first time without taking any shortcuts.


You will see in 2021 that home renovation trends all have a minimalist theme. Now that many people are working from home, everyone is gathered in one space for most of the day. Spaces feel smaller and more cluttered. Dining rooms and home offices that seemed perfectly functional before are now revealed to have little space to move around. There isn’t much room for storage space to clear off desktops or have a spot for each dish. 

Your space looks much cleaner and more organized when there is a spot for everything. Extra shelving, cupboards, and storage space can go a long way to improve the quality of your living space. Think about creative ways that you can add more storage to your home.

  • Floating shelves in the office
  • Basement storage room
  • Cabinets in a dining room
  • Built-in custom bookshelves
  • Cabinetry over a toilet
  • Kitchen island cart

Storage is a great way to streamline your home and keep counters and tabletops clean of paper and projects. But another home addition trend is getting rid of extra, unneeded furniture and decorations. Every space doesn’t have to be filled with a design piece that you’ve carted around for years. Clean, blank walls and empty spaces in the home that used to have unused furniture or end tables can be freeing. Creating open spaces inside will make your home feel bigger and more welcoming, especially as the number of people filling the area continues to be higher than usual. 

Walk through your home and think about the areas that could use some opening up. Get rid of extra loveseats and replace them with a functional table desk that can be a school or work station. Think about the side tables in your entryway. Are they adding to the traffic problem in your home without even being used? Clear them out and enjoy the new open space that you have created in your home. 

Big Windows

Natural light will always be a home addition trend. It makes people feel better to have the light of the sun flowing through a home. Think about the evenings relaxing after dinner, and the golden sun shining, the shadows from the leaves dancing on your wall. Consider the picture of a sunset out your living area window. 

As you think about your home’s interior design, think about bringing in the esthetic of the outside. When you have full wall-size windows, this transition isn’t tough to make. The neutral, warm colors from the outside easily transfer into the home. Your home can have the joy of the outdoors brought inside to have with you at all times. When you picture a happy, welcoming home, you imagine a space filled with light. If your home is lacking that light, then make the change needed to welcome it in with large, inviting windows. 

Transform Your Outdoor Space

A great way to upgrade your home is to transform the outdoor living space. When you are itching to get outside while still feeling the comfort and privacy of your own home, then remodeling the backyard is the right decision. Building a back patio or deck where you can set up outdoor furniture and mount a TV will give you the freedom to host friends and family outside. You can build an outdoor kitchen with a full stove and refrigerator, and bar. Or you can keep it simple with a grill and patio furniture. 

There are many ways that you can upgrade your outdoor space. Whether you are considering a small or big transformation, Tandem Contracting can help. Our experts are familiar with every outdoor project and have the equipment on-hand to make your backyard an extension of your indoor living space. Here are some ideas for outdoor home addition trends: 

  • Landscaping: Sometimes, all your backyard needs is landscaping variety to turn a flat, boring slab of grass into a dimensional paradise. You can add a rose garden or stepping stones leading to a firepit. You can plant vines along the back fence to add greenery. A wood chip area will break up the monotony of the yard and make a flower garden pop with color. 
  • Deck or Patio: Every good hosting backyard has a deck or patio for entertaining. An area that people can pull up a chair and walk around without stumbling through grass is always useful. You can plan a spot for your grill and patio furniture, including a TV set up or an outdoor projector to watch movies. 
  • Bar: The addition of a bar to serve food and drinks from and gather your friends and family around with barstools could be functional and convenient for your backyard space. You can go big or go small. Any size bar will add value to your outdoor space. 
  • Privacy Trellis: Building a deck right outside your back door can be wonderful. But it isn’t so great when your neighbor has a perfect view of your social gatherings. Your backyard is an extension of your home, and you should have the privacy reach to the outside. Building a trellis along your fence can provide the separation from neighbors that you need. 
  • Outdoor Furniture: Your deck can be as big as your living room inside, but it won’t matter unless you add the proper furniture. Consider an outdoor couch that is comfy and colorful and won’t be affected by the heat or the rain. You can choose wooden furniture that is weather-resistant or go with metal framing that will outlast weather and animal difficulties. 
  • Rugs and Textiles: Adding an outdoor rug and accent pillows to your outdoor space can make the area feel like an extension of your home. A mat will add a homey feeling and also be more comfortable for family and friends as they’re walking around. Many outdoor rugs can simply be hosed down if food is spilled or dirt is collected on them. 
  • Shade Structure: Adding a cover to your patio or deck can be a large investment but will pay off in comfort. Blocking out the beating sun or sprinkling rain can be beneficial to anyone on a particular evening. You can reap the benefits of sitting outside and enjoying nature and the breeze without being uncomfortable from the direct sunlight. Nobody likes to eat or have food out in rising temperatures. And even sitting and reading a book can be disrupted by it being too hot or too wet. A covered patio is a valued addition to your backyard oasis. 

As you consider home addition trends, do not forget the outside space. Be sure to think about what it feels like inside and how you can extend your indoor space into the outdoors. A backyard makeover is a much more economical option than extending the square footage of your home. And the project can be less overwhelming when you call on Tandem Contracting for help. 

Home Contractors in Morris County, NJ

Now is the time to take action on home renovation projects. Invest in the home in which you are spending all of your time inside. Make your home the center of gatherings for your children and loved ones. When you create a comfortable space filled with your fun design esthetic, then your family will be happy to be at home, spending time together. 

Our experts are ready to answer any questions you might have about home addition trends in 2021. We are immersed in the industry and know what remodeling styles will last for years to come. We also can take care of permits, building equipment, and overwhelming projects. You may have ideas in mind that may seem impossible to you but are second nature to us. Do not hesitate to present any ideas that you may have regarding your home renovations. Schedule an appointment with Tandem Contracting to make your remodeling dreams come true.