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At Tandem Contracting, we understand the importance of information within an office setting. Whether it’s internet, television, or voice services, you need to rest comfortably knowing that your office is wired properly. But how can you ensure that the transfer of important info goes off without a hitch?

When wiring a commercial structure, it’s imperative for the sake of office productivity that certain services be seamlessly executed. Among them are phone and internet connectivity. Tandem Contracting installs cable and wiring for telecommunication services. All of our systems are built to endure the trials of time and are tested rigorously to ensure that they meet the requirements set by industry standards.

The skilled professional installers of Tandem Contracting are all highly trained and certified to meet the needs of this vital task. Our systems are guaranteed to begin functioning immediately after installation is complete. We know how important your telecom system is to the overall effectiveness of your office, so we ensure that you’ll never have to deal with lagging or downtime. If you’re having wiring issues that call for immediate attention, fill out our contact form to get in touch with the team at Tandem Contracting.

Cabling hardware, on average, represents just 2-3% of an IT budget. Thanks to the kind of know-how applied to every Tandem Contracting job, we ensure that your return on communication signaling investment long outlasts computer hardware.


When someone calls your business, you want to make sure that their voice comes through clean, clear, and uninterrupted. That first touch phone call that a new customer or client places to your office is a make or break situation. First impressions are everything, and if your potential audience hears static muffled nonsense coming through the phone, then their entire view of your company has been negatively impacted.

The functionality of your office gives clients a taste of your overall efficiency. Faulty equipment brought about by improper wiring services is akin to poor customer service. Don’t let your company lose business through something that is no fault of your own.

Phone wiring can be complicated and frustrating when undertaken in a DIY setting, or by utilizing the services of a less qualified contracting company. One small mistake when wiring your phone jacks can lead to shorts which will take down the entire system. You need the highest quality wiring installed by the most skilled professionals in your area to ensure that when your phone rings you can answer it with confidence.


Whether you’re working with a wireless or wired data system, you need to make sure that your internet connectivity is functioning at the highest possible quality, both in terms of the signal sent to your computer, and the signal sent back through your system. A kinked or torn wire can greatly impede your internet connections. That’s why it’s important to trust your data wiring services to licensed professionals, like those found at Tandem Contracting.

Everything from CRMs to point of sale systems run on the internet nowadays, and a faulty connection will lead to lapses in your efficiency. Tandem guarantees the highest quality cabling and data wiring throughout your office, ensuring that your system will never time out due to a wire-related issue.

The team at Tandem can also give you the gift of wired connectivity, bypassing the uncertainty of wireless connections. By running a high-quality ethernet cable to various data jacks throughout your office, you’ll rest easy knowing that when you need the reliability of a wired connection, it is there for you. If you’re having issues with your phone or internet connection, begin your process by connecting with the team at Tandem.

Trust the Industry Standard for Commercial Wiring:

Tandem Contracting guarantees the very finest components to keep your office connected to the outside world. Your wiring is the gateway to your clientele, and Tandem keeps that line of communication open with our winning wiring process.

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