Is your bathroom exactly what you need it to be? Many homeowners find their bathrooms to be the one spot in their house that’s lacking functionality. If you find yourself in a similar position, reach out to Tandem Contracting for a bathroom renovation!

We’ve been remodeling, renovating, and installing bathrooms throughout Mountain Lakes and the Morris County area for years! The team at Tandem Contracting has years of practical experience that has left us confident in our ability to transform your bathroom into the space you dream it can be! Tandem Contracting is one of the premiere bathroom remodeling contractors in Mountain Lakes, so if you choose to work with us, we guarantee success. 

Bathroom Remodel vs Bathroom Renovation

The team of contractors at Tandem perform both remodels and renovations, but it seems worthwhile to distinguish between the two, so you know exactly what service you’re looking for. The two terms are often used interchangeably, but they’re actually quite different. 

Remodeling means changing the structure or form of a room or building, while renovating is restoring a room or building to a good state of repair. 

An example of remodeling would be converting a closet into a small bathroom. You’d be remodeling the closet’s structure and transforming it into a bathroom. 

Conversely, an example of renovation would be upgrading your bathroom design, adding a glass shower and medicine cabinet. This design change would change the functionality of your bathroom, but it wouldn’t involve much structural change. 

You can think of remodeling as building and creating, while you can think of renovating as upgrading and restoring. Thankfully, the team at Tandem Contracting can perform both jobs. We have years of experience remodeling and renovating bathrooms!

Let Tandem Contracting Handle Your Bathrooms

If you’re looking for a Mountain Lakes contractor, look no further than Tandem Contracting! If you feel as if your current bathroom isn’t serving your needs for whatever reason—not enough space, it’s gone out of style, it’s no longer functional for your needs— the team at Tandem Contracting will gladly renovate your bathroom so it fits perfectly within your needs. We can do everything from adding additional storage space to adding a new subway tiled floor; whatever your dream bathroom is, Tandem Contracting can renovate that dream into reality!

Perhaps you’d like to add a master bathroom to your bedroom or maybe you want to change a hall closet into a guest bathroom. Tandem’s team of experienced contractors are also expert bath remodelers! We understand that you spend a good portion of your time in your bathroom, so we’ll make it as functional, fashionable, and fantastic!

If you’re looking for a contractor in Mountain Lakes, NJ, reach out to the team at Tandem Contracting! We’ve been serving homes in Mountain Lakes as well as the entire Morris County area for years, so we’re assured of our abilities and expertise. Contact Tandem Contracting for a complimentary quote on your upcoming bathroom remodel or bathroom renovation!