Our Crew

Ryan Masker


Ryan was born with the intuition to repair and rebuild almost anything. Starting at a young age, Ryan would never be more than 15 feet away from a set of power tools or a pickup truck. His desire to help others also carried him to the path of a volunteer firefighter where he has long family ties and has served since 2007. Ryan has put his heart and soul into Tandem Contracting and the dozens of satisfied clients have helped to expand the company year after year. 
Fun fact, Ryan knows almost every lyric to every song ever created.

Ryan Pickett

Owner/Chief Financial Officer

Chris Cleary

Project Manager

Following in family tradition, Chris learned the trade of sheet rocking and taping, and became a third generation spackler. After honing his skills over a decade, he ventured into the world of general construction and took a position with Tandem Contracting as a laborer to further his knowledge of carpentry. As his skill level grew, so did the company and was promoted to the position of Project Manager.

He enjoys fishing, classic rock and documentaries.

Bryan Crawford


Bryan has worked with multiple small businesses helping them grow and expand their services throughout New Jersey since 2009. Specializing in social media implementation & networking, you probably found our website because of Bryan’s expertise. In addition to content and website updates, he also acts as a liaison to our SEO company & professional photographer.
Fun fact, he likes chocolate and peanut butter, but not the two together.

Joe Friedman

Project Estimator

Joe started in the painting industry working with various homeowners and contractors but grew to love construction / renovation. He joined the team because he believes in Tandem’s vision and dedication to quality and service. Joe enjoys working with home & business owners to help bring their vision to life. 
Joe is a father of 4 with his oldest child at Clemson University. He is a big Yankees & Jets fan and loves to spend time with his family.

John Holloway

Crew Leader

John grew up in the family business of restoring historical homes throughout northern New Jersey with his father and mother. He specializes in buildings prior to 1900, everything from restoring original details to repairing original structures.
John enjoys long walks on the beach, 1/2″ sheetrock and frozen yogurt with sprinkles.

Mike Cowley

Crew Leader

At a young age, Mike often asked for tools instead of regular toys at daycare and elementary school. Following High School, Mike started his own business as a general contractor but life got busy as he got married and had 2 kids. A licensed EMT & Firefighter, Mike enjoys helping people and found a great opportunity with Tandem Contracting.
Mike is the tallest member of the Team at 6’3″ and is the designated light bulb changer. 

Justin Mascenik


After High School, Justin enlisted in the United States Army where he served his country for 8 years. Upon his return, he wanted to work with his hands and Tandem Contracting was the perfect fit. He currently resides in Sussex County and grows a fantastic beard.
In his free time he enjoys fishing, golfing, and snowboarding. 





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Ben McDermott

Crew Leader

A long history of hands on projects, Ben has been doing woodworking for most of his life, starting as a kid with his Dad. He branched out into Solar installations for commercial and residential clients for a little while but life brought him back into contracting. Ben specializes in painting, flooring, tile, cabinets, trim, and built ins. 
His hobbies include snowboarding, skydiving, billiards and poker.

Josh Flood


Josh started learning basic skills from his brother who was a Contractor, when he was 13 years old and has always had a passion for hands on projects & design.  He enjoys the feel of a local family style company, so when he saw the opportunity with Tandem, he applied right away! 
Josh is an animal lover and will go out of his way to pet all of the kitties and doggos.