A basement renovation is an excellent way to add value and space to your home.  Typically costing a third to half of above-ground construction expenditures, a finished basement is a less expensive alternative when adding onto your house. So why not consider creating more living space? To see the potential in a dark and musty basement can be difficult. However, you can create a retreat that truly reflects your personality and becomes a stunning entertainment area for family and friends. Whether you chose to build a workout space or a suite for grandparents, Tandem will work with you from concept to completion, and guide you through the aesthetics and practical aspects of basement renovation.

Before renovations begin, thoughtful planning and prep work is required.

What features will your basement have? A bathroom is a common choice. Because utilities such as water, electricity, gas, and sewer lines are close at hand, installing a bathroom in a basement makes sense.

What’s next? Perhaps your artistic vision includes a basement bar? This is a fun addition that offers a great area for entertaining family and friends. Overall, the addition of a bar can be the icing on the cake of an already impressive space. Here is an opportunity to show off your style. The choice of wood, lighting, and surrounding paint can create the atmosphere you want. If elegant and classic is your vibe, choose a dark wood bar with marble or granite countertops. A lighting design is key. It can set the mood and give your bar a soft glow.

Most basement designers are quick to note the importance of lighting in their designs. The lack of natural light, unless you are lucky enough to have a walkout basement, calls for creative solutions. Because the basement is underground, natural light does not provide the baseline ambient light that can be seen in above-ground floors.  Fortunately, the suspended or drop ceilings common in basements, can accommodate many types of recessed and track lights easily. You will need to have lighting around the room as well. Sconces are a helpful and attractive touch. The correct paint choice can “light” your space with warmth and give it an inviting feel. Tandem will discuss all your ideas in detail.

With the myriad of choices and details associated with basement renovation today, you can expect Tandem to team up with you and make the process even easier by decoding local building codes and reminding you of underused architectural details. All these efforts are to ensure a quality build. So, if you’re ready to chase away the spiders and reclaim your unused space, Tandem is too!

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